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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5 August 2015. THIS IS HOLY RUS. WATCH THIS… One Minute Trailer for a Wonderful Russian Multifilm “The Miraculous Voyages of Serafima”

00 incredible jouney of serafima 01. 050815


00 incredible jouney of serafima 02. 050815


00 incredible jouney of serafima 03. 050815


00 incredible jouney of serafima 04. 050815



Watch this in full-screen and HD 1080! WOW! It’s the trailer for a 75-minute multifilm… GOOD STUFF!

Those evil gargoyles at the RF Ministry of Culture sponsored this film… I guess that it’s no damned good because it lacks a politically-correct theme and it doesn’t bow down and kiss America’s ass. This is what Russia does… on the other hand, Anglo America does otherwise… Ted Cruz supports baby-killing in Novorossiya… John McCain supports the cause of godless Uniates and schismos… you can FEEL the difference, can’t you? Russia stands for LIFE… the USA (especially, “Pro-Life” Republicans) stands for DEATH and DESTRUCTION. If you support the so-called “Pro-Life” movement, you oppose the Russian government that sponsors such wonderful fare… do you support this or do you support warmongering? That IS the choice, for the “Pro-Life” movement is a chimera, a false mask to cover over the evil of the narcissistic Me First Crapitalism of the Republicans. I vote for Holy Rus… by their fruit ye shall know them… this multifilm is very sweet fruit, indeed…

Them be the choices… choose well…

THIS is our Orthodox Motherland’s offering to the world… it humbles me that I’m part of the naroda



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