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Friday, 7 August 2015

7 August 2015. A Peek Behind the Curtain at How I Do Things…

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00 soviet poster tourism 070815

Original Soviet poster



00 soviet poster tourism english  070815

Poster with English text and redone bordering


First, I straightened the image; then, I closely-cropped the central image, leaving a bit of the border to pick up the colour. After that, I removed the secondary inscription in the upper-right, as that didn’t have any use in the Englished final product. You then go to “increase canvas size”, pick up the colour from the small amount of border you left, add an appropriate amount of border and enough space for the text. This was a short and straightforward text, so I opted for a fairly-broad typeface, to bring it out (I chose Britannic Bold). Ah… the text… the first part was easy-peasey… В выходной день comes out to “On your day off”, that makes sense and sounds “normal”. However, the second part was a challenge… на туристскую прогулку literally is “go for a tourist outing” or “go for a tourist walk”. That’s not Hoyle and it sounds shitty… jangly as all hell. I was looking for an idiomatic equivalent to convey the same meaning… I settled on “Get on out there”… as it not only conveyed the inner meaning, it fit the illustration neatly. In other words, even “simple” things aren’t that simple! That’s the art in it… you have to translate it in such a way as it flows naturally in the destination language, as though it was originally written in it.

I do my best for youse guys… I wanted to show you how this shop makes its sausages…


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