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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Junta Militants Arrest Two UPTs/MP Clergy

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Today, DNR Commissioner for Human Rights Dariya Morozova told us that junta militants detained two UPTs/MP clergy at the Bugas checkpoint on the pretext they were “aiding and abetting a terrorist organisation”, saying, “Today, Ukrainian aggressors detained a priest at the Bugas checkpoint; he was in a car with a monk and his matushka*. I have information about the arrest of the priest and monk; I have no information about what happened to his matushka. The Ukrainian media alleges that they ‘aided terrorists’. Any exchange of clergy won’t be easy. This isn’t the first time that we saw such action against UPTs/MP clergy this year. Previously, they arrested Hieromonk Feofan. We managed to secure his release in a ‘one-for-sixteen’ exchange. This second arrest of clergy this year is nothing but a mockery of the faith. Generally, I’m not talking about human rights violations, but the Ukrainian side disregards the faith. We’ve sent all our information off to our negotiators. Now we have to wait for future developments in this situation”.

  • Matushka: “Little Mother”, what Russians call the wife of a priest (just as we say Batyushka for a priest (“Little Father”)

12 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Do NOT hate individual “Ukrainian Catholics” or “Ukrainian Orthodox”… their institutions ARE evil and bless not only things like this, but also the indiscriminate shelling of civilian neighbourhoods (after all, as a “Ukrainian Orthodox” priest in Pennsylvania put it, “The Ukraine is for Ukrainians only”)… however, do NOT take it out on individuals. They had no say in it and they’ve been subject to intensive propaganda and brainwashing for years. I’ve seen it. Cut individuals some slack. However, any institution labelled “Ukrainian Orthodox”, “Ukrainian Catholic”, or “Byzantine Catholic” is the enemy of our Motherland and Church… don’t go to their events, don’t buy their pierogies, don’t believe in the demonic construct called the “Eastern Church” (For what concord has Christ with Belial?)… don’t exacerbate matters. Don’t log onto Uniate or nationalist websites… you know what’s there… arguing with such sorts won’t do a damned bit of good. Avoid a Uniate website called Byzantine Texas in particular… the owner is a fanatic Uniate… if he tries commenting on your site (if applicable)… spam him and be done with him… don’t argue and don’t call names (he used to call himself “Josephus Flavius”). Keep your contacts with self-described “Ukrainians” to a minimum… this way you won’t hurt the innocent nor inflame the guilty.

People such as Vassa Larina, John Jillions, Freddie M-G, Jonas Paffhausen, and Victor Potapov are traitors for their promiscuous and indifferentist schmoozing with Uniates. No one who sucks up to Uniates is a partisan of Christ and His Church… never forget that. As far as Uniates and schismos are concerned… they mostly didn’t choose their situation… they were born into it, so, give them some slack. However, show no mercy to the Orthodox traitors that I named and to those like them. Keep it focused… the times are evil.


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