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Friday, 14 August 2015

14 August 2015. Bernie on Wealth Inequality

00 bernie wealth inequality 140815



14 August 2015. Nine Million Hits and Still Goin’ Strong…

00b Victory Day. Moscow. Poklonnaya Gora. Fireworks. 10.05.13


You guys are why I’m here… oh, I know that not everyone who hits my blog agrees with me. Some are only looking for images… some are asshat righties looking for things to criticise on their lamebrain fora. Some of the former like what they see and stay… as for the latter bunch, kiss my ass, and be gone! Don’t argue with idiots. It does them no good and you even less. Nonetheless, few of my loudmouth critics have nine million hits… they want to sit back and criticise, but they’re lazy and bone-idle, they do no creative work of their own. They don’t do any real effort of their own… but boy, do they have TONS to say about those of us who do labour in the vineyard. Kids… don’t argue with such asshats. They’re not worth your time. COME HERE. I’m the original Little RED Hen of the OrthoNet (“ORTHOdox InterNET)… I’m not afraid of the kitchen when it gets hot and I’m there to get it out there to youse guys in a timely way.

To all of you… THANK YOU. As I always say, “LOVE rules this house”… keep that in mind, dear ones… you won’t go wrong. By the way, love doesn’t mean that you become a spineless jellyfish… trust me… I still hand out the AKs, machetes, axe handles, and coshes out back… how many do you need? Pass the jug and SMILE… that truly riles ’em…


14 August 2015. Two Russian Demots on Comrade Fidel’s Birthday

00 castro 140815


00 russian castro happy birthday. 140815


The RuNet* is full of birthday greetings to Comrade Fidel. Russians still support Cuba! Hell, HH supports Cuba, NOT the USA! HH sent birthday greetings to Comrade Fidel… not to Donald Trump… not to Rush Limbaugh… not to John McCain… not to Sarah Palin… you catch my drift. You can stand with His Holiness and stand with Free Cuba and the Peoples Republics in Novorossiya… or you can stand with Potapov, Paffhausen, and Dreher, who stand for Langley’s oppression throughout the world and for the fascist junta squatting in Kiev. That IS the choice…

  • RuNet: RUssian InterNET


New LNR Criminal Code Excludes Death Penalty

01 behind bars in jail


Today, the Deputies of the LNR Peoples Soviet approved a new Criminal Code that excludes the death penalty. During discussion of the bill, deputies passed an amendment that excludes using the death penalty in the LNR. Konstantin Matsyurak, Chairman of the LNR Peoples Soviet Committee on State Security and Defence, Law Enforcement, Judicial System, Rule of Law, and Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms, told us, “The Criminal Code provides for the total confiscation of property and life imprisonment. Today, enough people die in the war. In addition, we’re moving towards entering the Eurasian Economic Union, so we need to be as close as possible to norms found in Russian legislation and codes”. The new LNR Criminal Code states, “Life imprisonment is possible for the most serious crimes encroaching on life itself, as well as for especially serious crimes against public health and morality, public security, and sexual abuse of minors under 14-years-old. Women, juvenile criminals (under 18-years-old), and men over 65-years-old are exempt from life sentences”.

14 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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