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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Makeyevka Social Institutions Provided “Humanitarian Bread”

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Makeyevka continues to provide “Humanitarian Bread” to social facilities. The Makeyevka GMA* began deliveries of bread on 9 June 2015 to kindergartens, hospitals, boarding schools, specialised orphanages, and other social institutions, with a total of 96 social objects receiving such aid. Donbasskhleb, one of the largest bakery combines in the DNR, processes and manufactures “Humanitarian Bread”. The GMA stated that, as of 7 August, Donbasskhleb baked 52,947 loaves of bread, using 29 tonnes of flour to make it. Besides this, the GMA noted that 160 social objects will receive “Humanitarian Bread” deliveries starting 1 September, including all schools in Makeyevka.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

8 August 2015

DNR Online

Official website DNR Council of Ministers and DNR Peoples Soviet



In junta-misruled Banderstan*, there’s “economic freedom” and the glories of the Free Market, so, the people starve and the price of food (if available at all) is going through the roof. In the Peoples Republics, there’s socialism, so, the people share what they have, and food prices DROPPED. Should I note that the Peoples Republics have able, willing, and brave soldiers, whereas the junta has a grumpy, unmotivated, and cowardly rabble in uniform? The Peoples Republics are truly egalitarian… the junta is an oligarchic dictatorship cheered on by American greedster scum such as Ted Ctuz, Chilly Hilly, Rush Limbuagh, and Butcher Biden. There’s no doubt about where decent people should stand. The Peoples Republics give people bread… the junta STEALS it from the people to enrich the oligarchs and their American puppeteers. Evil is afoot and it is NOT in Moscow…

  • Banderstan: Nickname for junta-controlled territory in the Peoples Republics. Portmanteau of “BANDERa” (Galician Uniate terrorist of the 30s and 40s) coupled with “STAN” (as in KazakhSTAN, AfghaniSTAN, et al).



Purgin Thinks that Those Floating Rumours about a Parade of POWs in Donetsk Should See a Shrink

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Today, A E Purgin, Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, denied rumours that the DNR is going to parade POWs through the streets, saying, “It’s hard to comment on such folderol from a perspective of logic and common sense. Rather, it’s in the realm of clinical psychiatry, these people need to see a shrink”. At present, Ukrainian media reports allege that the DNR would stage a provocation on 24 August, “Ukrainian Independence Day”, by holding a mock parade of “POWs” using disguised DNR soldiers. Earlier, the DNR authorities made it clear that the DNR held 40 junta POWs in total; of these, 12 are eligible for repatriation, but the other 28 are under criminal investigation.

15 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Junta Wouldn’t Hand Over Minefield Maps to DNR to Facilitate Opening of New Crossing Points

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Today, DNR Commissioner for Human Rights Dariya Morozova told us that the DNR government failed to open new crossing points across the buffer zone because the junta wouldn’t provide maps of the minefields in the area, saying, “We wanted to open up additional checkpoints to ease movement of our citizens across the buffer zone. We raised this question during a meeting of Sub-Working Group on Humanitarian Affairs in Minsk. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian side noted that there were minefields in all places where the DNR wanted crossing points. During the negotiations, we noted that we’d clear such territory [of mines], but that we needed maps of the minefields to do so. The Ukrainian side wouldn’t do this for us. They alleged that they couldn’t do this because they didn’t actually know where the minefields are. In my opinion, if for such a long time the Ukrainian side wouldn’t give maps of the minefields to us, well, it makes one think that they never made them in the first place. They see how many adults and kids are dead, blown up by Ukrainian mines. I don’t think that Ukrainians are heartless people… they can understand the consequences of mining an area. I think if they had maps of the minefields, they would’ve given them to us long ago”.

According to the DNR MChS, the area of the area of the DNR in need of demining is in excess of 31,000 hectares (310 square kilometres; 76,600 acres, 120 square miles).

15 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Sanders Shamelessly Pandering to Voters Who Want to Hear Truth… WARNING! SATIRE Ahead…

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Critics of the Vermont senator say that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is gaining legions of new admirers by shamelessly pandering to voters who want to hear the truth. According to those critics, Sanders cynically targeted so-called “truth-based voters” to build support for his Presidential bid. Political strategist Harland Dorrinson said, “People come to Sanders’s rallies expecting to hear the truth, and he serves it up to them on a silver platter. It’s a very calculated gimmick”. However, even if Sanders’s practise of relentlessly telling the truth plays well in states that are rich in truth-based voters, like the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, critics say that his campaign could stall in states where the truth has historically been less important, like Florida. Dorrinson said, “At some point in this campaign, voters are going to get truth fatigue. Right now, the novelty of a politician who doesn’t constantly spew lies is grabbing headlines, but after months of Bernie Sanders telling the truth, voters are going to start wondering, Is that all he’s got?” Dorrinson is just one of many critics who eagerly wait for the Sanders phenomenon to come down to Earth. He noted, “Telling the truth may be working for Bernie Sanders, but it shows a serious lack of respect for the American political system”.

13 August 2015

Andy Borowitz

New Yorker


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