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Thursday, 20 August 2015

20 August 2015. Animal Funnies… Kung Fu Fighting Koshki

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00 cats kung fu fighting 210815




First Anniversary of the First Humanitarian Aid Convoy from the Russian Federation… The New “Road of Life” Rolls On

00 I V Plotnitsky 01 200815


Today, during a formal event in honour of the first humanitarian aid convoy from the Russian Federation last year, where he gave official thanks and state awards to MChS Rossii personnel, Chairman of the LNR Government I V Plotnitsky said:

That first convoy brought us things that we lacked at that time… mini-generators, food, and water… but the most important thing that the convoy brought wasn’t that… it brought us hope and faith. Thanks to those who brought us that humanitarian aid in August 2014, today, our Republic knows tranquillity and peace. A year ago, Lugansk was under virtually blockade, we didn’t have electricity, water, or communications, our shops and pharmacies lay shuttered… we had almost nothing. That first convoy, whose anniversary of departure is tomorrow, rolled down the road unarmed. It came under the artillery fire of the Banderovtsy, who tried to close down the road, to put us under a full blockade. Today, we gather here to express and show our unity and our indivisibility, to show that we understand that as long as we stand together, we’ll have unity. Both in 1945 and now, we proved our fraternal ties… that when all 150 million of us stand together, it’s impossible to defeat us. Thank you, brothers {Igor Venediktovich means the MChS Rossii, which operated the convoys: editor}, we bow to you. Our dear Russian brothers, today, we presented you this memorial plaque. However, we, in our hearts, in the hearts of everyone in Lugansk, will keep the memory that we’ll pass from generation to generation, to remember and know that only you, our friends, helped us to survive, not only to survive, but also to win. The LNR stands and will stand… it is Russian earth.

Today, the 36th MChS Rossii humanitarian aid convoy arrived in the LNR. About 50 lorries unloaded 511 tonnes of cargo, including 20 tonnes of canned fish, 60 tonne of meat, 95 tonnes of sugar, 200 kilos of tea, 50 tonnes of canned milk, 75 tonnes of rye flour, 60 tonnes wheat flour, 16 tonne semolina cereals, 130 tonnes pasta, 5 tonnes vegetable oil. The first MChS Rossii humanitarian aid convoy arrived in the LNR a year ago, 22 August 2014. Since the middle of August 2014, MChS Rossii convoys brought the LNR and DNR more than 43,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid.



Today, Manolis Pilavov, head of the Lugansk GMA*, spoke at a formal event marking the first MChS Rossii humanitarian aid convoy a year ago:

We thank our fellow Russians. Yes, that first convoy brought us hope, but it also brought us building materials, food, fuel, and medicine…it gave us the chance to once again raise our morale and inspired confidence in the future. You can’t win unless you have enough food, but you also have to have strong morale, and this first convoy gave us this spirit, a spirit of victory. Before this, words such as ‘humanitarian aid’ and ‘humanitarian convoy’ meant nothing to us. We heard it on the TV news, mainly about faraway African lands, but, unfortunately, war came to our land, 2014 came and showed us that the fanatic Ukrainian régime was intent on war, on bringing misfortunes to our people, one after another. I think that this is a holiday… the anniversary of the first convoy that came to aid the Luganshchina*. I want to thank our Russian brothers for the lending us their strong support and I’d like to tell you that all the people of the Luganshchina thank you and bow before you.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city
  • Luganshchina: “Area ruled by or influenced by Lugansk”. In Russian, the suffix “shchina” indicates “ruled by” or “rule of”, therefore, “Lvovshchina” is the “area ruled (or “influenced”) by Lvov” and “Yezhovshchina” means “era ruled (or “influenced”) by Yezhov”.


20 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre

20 August 2015. Another Peek into the Secret Lab… Or, How I Make Sausages in This Crazy Shop

00 Viktor Ivanov. No Matter What It Looks Like... The Enemy is Treacherous. 1945

No Matter What It Looks Like… The Enemy is Treacherous!

Viktor Ivanov



Let’s take another romp through Translation Land. Враг коварен… будь на-чеху! Literally, Враг коварен is “The Enemy is treacherous”… that’s easy enough. However, будь на-чеху is a bit trickier. It sounded familiar to me, so, I pulled out the old Russian dictionary (I keep it handy, I have no illusions about my abilities). Ah… чехол, a “carrying case”, a “casing”… so будь на-чеху would be “whatever the exterior”. Now, how do we “English” that to bring it home in an idiomatic and straightforward way? The literal “The enemy is treacherous… whatever the exterior” is not quite how one would say it in English and be as punchy as it is in Russian. Often, Russian is “backwards” grammatically as compared to English… so, I flipped the phrases over…”Whatever the exterior… The enemy is treacherous”… that’s better, but it’s still not as direct as it should be. Therefore, I went for “No matter what it looks like… The enemy is treacherous”.

Oh, the machine translation was “The enemy is treacherous… Whether on-Tomas!” You can always tell those who rely on these, can’t you? Be good… after all, the proof is in the how “good it tastes”, isn’t it? Have a care…


DNR Will Sue the Junta for Destruction of Cultural Artefacts in the Junta-Occupied Zone

00 dnr donetsk pr war damage 01 200815


Today, Denis Kuznetsov, General Director of the all-Republic Donetsk Local Folklore Museum, told us that the destruction of cultural monuments in by junta militants in temporarily occupied territory is cause for litigation, saying, “The fact that the Ukrainian side is now destroying cultural and historical monuments in the disputed (junta-controlled) areas of the Donbass is the subject of litigation. After formal recognition of the Republic, we’d submit them to court. It’s illogical… this destruction of the monuments on Kiev-controlled territory. Most of these monuments declared as the historical monuments of national significance of the Ukraine. This shows the government’s attitude towards its cultural heritage”. Earlier, junta “Minister of Culture” Vyacheslav Kirilenko stated that monuments of Soviet state leaders “aren’t objects of cultural heritage or national or local importance” and the state won’t protect them. In this regard, Ukrainian “Ministry of Culture” would expunge them from the state register of monuments of the Ukraine.

20 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



When the patriot side wins… all statues of Bandera must fall… we must destroy all Uniate churches outside of the Lvovshchina. We must destroy the new Uniate cathedral in Kiev down to the foundations. To Uniates themselves, the initiators and partisans of this war, we must be strict but fair. All those willing to live according to the Orthodox faith in Orthodox areas… let them stay. All those who won’t… we must expel them, but without brutality, without hatred, without bloodshed. We can’t allow ourselves to sink to the bestial and amoral level shown by the Uniate fascist nationalists and the schismos. Most Uniates are NOT guilty of the blood of our compatriots and coreligionists… however, their institutions ARE guilty, so, we can’t allow them to exist in Holy Rus. If individuals wish to live amongst us… fine… but we can’t allow Uniatism to be a viper at the breast of Holy Rus. If you wish to be a papist Uniate… that’s fine… but not in the territory of Holy Rus. Go to Poland… go to Canada… go the USA…

This is too much, really. It’s time to show the Galician hillbillies their place… put them back in their backwoods backwater, where they can stay. Remember… NEVER sink to the level shown by the Uniate nationalists in this war. Give the innocents their lives… as for the guilty, I’d hang the lot of ‘em with no compunction (that would include the swinish clerical enablers of the war, Shevchuk and Denisenko). Yes… it’d be sinful and I’d have to confess it, but I’d feel no emotion or qualms… none whatsoever…


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