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Friday, 21 August 2015

DNR Civil Defence Facilities in Better Shape Now than in the Ukrainian Time

00 kids in cellar shelter. novorossiya. 06.06.15


Today, DNR Minister of Emergency Situations Aleksei Kostrubitsky told us, “Shelters are now in better condition than they were in the Ukrainian times. Even taking into account that its wartime and times are tough, we’ve rehabilitated all of our civil defence shelters. They’re ready to accommodate our people. Today, the local authorities are responsible for the upkeep of the shelters. At the same time, the DNR MChS controls the maintenance process. There are more than 4,000 shelters of various types in the DNR, ranging from simple home units to purpose-built hardened shelters. People can find out where the nearest shelter is by calling the MChS hotline”.

21 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The shelters are in better shape now because the grasping oligarchs and the Uniate hierarchy (who bless the fascist murderers of our kids and old folks) aren’t stealing the resources of the LNR and DNR as they did in the past. In the post-1991 Ukraine, the Uniate hierarchy routinely stole millions from productive Orthodox regions to subsidise such boondoggles as the “Catholic University” in Lvov. What are they going to do now that they can’t steal from Novorossiya anymore? After all, the Lvovshchina is the poorest and most backward part of the Ukraine (which is why it sent so many immigrants to Canada and the USA in comparison to other Russian areas, giving this tiny and unrepresentative backwater a preponderance in the North American diaspora)… it doesn’t have the resources to fund all the Uniate establishment and its notional institutions. Yes… that will be interesting, won’t it?



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