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Saturday, 22 August 2015

“Madonna” in DNR Uniform: Artists Created a New Symbol of Donetsk

00 Madonna of Donetsk. Yelena Matveyeva. 2015

Madonna of Donetsk

Yelena Matveyeva



Today, an exhibition put on by DNR professional and amateur artists opened at the Nadezhda Krupskaya Central Scientific Universal Library. The exposition, Donetsk: a City of Courage and Perseverance, honours the upcoming Day of the City (30 August). Boris Murzin, the head of the all-Republic Artist Club, said at the opening, “The symbol of the exhibition and of contemporary wartime Donetsk is a painting done in the style of a Madonna and Child dressed as a modern volunteer soldier with a child in her arms by Donetsk artist Yelena Matveyeva. In total, there are more than 100 works, in a variety of genres. We have portraits and landscapes, graphic art and paintings, art portraying the Donbass and its people. In every picture… we see an appeal for peace… and support for the present defenders of this miners’ region”. Zoya Kuznetsova, another participant in the exhibit, noted, “By profession I’m an economist. I worked in many parts of the USSR… from Sakhalin to the Donbass. Painting is a longstanding avocation of mine… to date, I’ve held over 20 solo exhibitions. Even in wartime, I won’t put down the palette. At the all-Republic Artist Club, in spite of shelling and other dangers, my mates Tatiyana Komendant, Vasili Beda, Klavdiya Lyubich, and many others still carry on”.

18 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



It’s simple… the subject of this painting is NOT a recognisable religious figure, unlike Uniate blasphemies that show a recognisable Christ or Virgin. Ergo, one can see that the Orthodox people are keeping things within proper limits, whereas the Uniates and schismos are trampling on and profaning the sacred. That’s why no decent person can support the Uniate/schismo junta… not only are they murderous and thieving fascists; they trample on the sacred, too. It’s too much of a muchness…



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