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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

25 August 2015. Animal Funnies… The Ravenous Little Kittens

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25 August 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Anglo-Saxon Logic Doesn’t Change

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Now, WHO was “The Terrible?”

ALL LIVES MATTER… I’m Sick Unto Death of the “Black Lives Matter” Asshats

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I’m not “nice” nor am I “polite”… but I’ll be there when you need me and I’ll stand tall for you if you ever need it. That’s the way it is…


I made this comment on FB:

I’m me… that’s as far as I go. People aren’t objects. That’s it in a sentence. Anything else isn’t an orange… (old Sunkist advert from the 80s). Of course, there are things such as nationality, religion, clan, etc…

However, that doesn’t define us… it affects us… think on that.


That’s what I believe, full stop. No one will bully me into supporting a bunch of narcissistic, juvenile, and ignorant asshats (whose leaders are in bed with Hillary Clinton). I hated “liberalism” and “liberals” before… now, it’s redoubled. I won’t play footsie with the liberals’ latest mascot.


That’s that… or you’re a pernicious and smarmy phony… I say such to your face. More people than just blacks have suffered in America (some, like the First Nations and Alaska Natives, suffered far worse). All human suffering affects me. I’ll single no one group out for special petting and cosseting (for that’s what they want).


If that’s not good enough for you, get fucked. I have no time for such shit…


Pictures of Donbass Kids to be on Exhibit from Ufa in the Urals to Bekendorf in Germany

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Multifilm Formula for Peace


Today, E M Fedorenko, of the Information and Analytical Department of the DNR Ministry of Education and Science announced that a large-scale international traveling exhibition of drawings of children of Donetsk would open in Moscow on 1 September. The exposition will be part of an international cultural and educational project, Peace to the World*. Fedorenko said, “The DNR Ministry of Education and Science, together the Moscow NGO Корпорация счастья (Korporatsiya Schastya: Corporation of Happiness) created by international cultural, creative, and educational project, Peace to the World. It’ll be part of an international exhibition of children’s drawings beginning on 1 September in Gimnaziya №1100 in Moscow”.

  • A play-on-words in Russian, Миру мир (miru mir)… that can’t be expressed in translation

In addition to Moscow, the drawings will go to Norilsk, Ufa, and Kazan in Russia, Berlin and Bekendorf in Germany, in locales in Czechia and Belgium, as well as the island of Rhodes in Greece. Fedorenko added, “Works by the children of the country or the city of the exhibition will supplement our artwork. By the end of the programme, in May 2016, we plan to exhibit more than 2,000 to 3,000 children’s drawings”. Then, Ya V Chepikova, DNR Advisor on Children’s Rights, emphasised that our kids’ drawings would enable Europeans to see what’s happening in the Donbass warzone through our children’s eyes, saying, “Most children express their emotions in their drawings, a child draws what they feel. I sincerely hope the world would attend to the situation that’s happening now in our republic”. Fedorenko pointed up that this project of “children’s diplomacy” aims to develop cultural dialogue between children from different countries and nationalities. The symbol of the exhibition will be a puppet, “Ivan the Russian”, made by Moscow artist and master puppeteer Irina Lustina.

25 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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