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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

DNR Minster of Culture Suggested that Dnepropetrovsk be Renamed “Novorossiysk” by Kiev as the Fascists are “Renaming” Artemovsk

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DNR Minister of Culture Aleksandr Paretsky mocked the junta’s moves toward “decommunisation” by saying that they’re restoring symbols of the Russian Empire. He was commenting on the junta’s attempt to rename Artemovsk in the temporarily occupied DNR.  Earlier reports alleged that the public wanted to return the city to its tsarist-era name of Bakhmut. Besides this, junta fanatics destroyed a monument to a prominent Old Bolshevik, “Comrade Artyom”. Paretsky said:

If Artemovsk returns to its pre-revolutionary name, it sets a precedent. If so, then, it makes sense to return the old names to a number of “Ukrainian” cities, such as Yelisavetgrad for Kirovograd and Yekaterinoslav or Novorossiysk for Dnepropetrovsk, built as the ‘third capital’ of the Russian Empire. Of course, the public has the right to decide on what name it’ll have, but they did this under Kiev’s coercion. The current junta doesn’t allow any freedom to the residents of the occupied regions of the Donbass. Amongst the cities of the Donbass, Artemovsk is far from being ‘the first swallow’ in this shameful rush to so-called ‘decommunisation’ in the Ukraine. Don’t forget how they wantonly destroyed monuments to Lenin and other Soviet leaders in Slavyansk, Konstantinovka, and Kramatorsk. At the same time, such acts of destruction of cultural and historical heritage are impossible and unthinkable in the DNR. I hope that common sense would prevail and that we’d reverse similar shameful actions in the fascist-occupied Donbass.

26 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



I’ll be short and simple… you can stand for the socialist Orthodox patriots who wish to preserve the FULL historical legacy of Russia, or, you can stand for the Galician Uniate fascist nationalists, who wish to destroy the Russian legacy, not only in their backward backwater, but in areas that never were “Ukrainian”. It’s clear where all decent Orthodox people must stand. We must oppose the Uniatisation of the Ukraine, for that is what the Galician fascists want to do. You may stand for Orthodox Holy Rus or you may stand for the demonic Uniate “Ukraine”… those are the only choices. If you support the junta in any way, you support objective evil… what does that tell you, Orthodox people, about Victor Potapov, Vassa Larina, Jonas Paffhausen, John Jillions, Rod Dreher, and John Whiteford, all supporters of the Unia or of the Republican opponents of Holy Rus (or both). Nasty, isn’t it? Remember that not all Uniates are evil… their institution is… however, most of the people were simply born into it and innocent.

This is a new act in the long sparring match between the pretensions of Papist Rome and the defence of Orthodoxy by Holy Mother Russia. They wanted to subsume us in the time of St Aleksandr Nevsky… they want to do so today. Isn’t it sad that some of our own are traitors? They’re far worse than any of the so-called “Ukrainian Catholics” or “Ukrainian Orthodox” are… mainly, the Uniates and schismos are just brainwashed dupes (don’t argue with them… leave them be… it wouldn’t do any good to engage them). The people I named are traitors… no one likes a traitor, even those who use them… fancy that…



Morozova sez Junta Delegation to Minsk Talks Dithers and Stonewalls Negotiations

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DNR Commissioner for Human Rights Dariya Morozova told us:

For a long time, the negotiation process in Minsk stagnated because Kiev sends representatives who refuse to take concrete decisions. [DNR Chairman of the Government] Zakharchenko gave the representatives in the Contact Group subgroups the right to make decisions during the Minsk talks. [Junta strongman] Poroshenko didn’t give such powers to his representatives. More than once, we proposed submissions for agreement. However, the Ukrainian side always stated that they “weren’t authorised to do that”, and that they needed to consult [with their leadership]. During the talks in Minsk, “advisors” always accompany the Ukrainian representatives and give them “suggestions” on what to do. In my view, if Kiev wanted to implement the Minsk Agreement, it would’ve sent those able to decide.

26 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


DNR Minoborony Reported 30 Junta Ceasefire Violations

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Today, the DNR Minoborony reported, “Over the past 24 hours, the fascists committed 30 ceasefire violations; the situation in the DNR remains tense. The enemy fired 85 artillery shells, 15 tank shells, and 113 8.2-cm/12-cm mortar shells. The enemy fired at Donetsk (Petrovsky Raion, Donetsk Airport), Telmanovo, Zhabichevo, Vasilevka, Oktyabr, Novaya Marevka, Belaya Kamenka, Spartak, and Zaichenko. The shelling on our civilian areas came from enemy positions near Peski, Vodyanoe, Starognatovka, Opytnoe, Granite, Avdeyevka, Kominternovo, and Novoselovka. Currently, there’s no information on military or civilian casualties”.

26 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


26 August 2015. Israelite Children, All You Who Are Descended From Abraham

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