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Monday, 31 August 2015

A Monument to Our Slain Children Arises in Donetsk

00 alley of angels donetsk dnr monument 01 310815


00 alley of angels donetsk dnr monument 02 310815


A monument to the children killed in the war and a memorial stone with the names of some of those children now stands in Victory Park, near the Donetsk City Children’s and Youth Palace. The monument is a metal arch, 2.5-metres in height and 2-metres in width. The composition includes metal roses (a symbol of Donetsk), between them are spent shells from a heavy machine-gun. Four doves are on the forged metal roses 4 pigeons. The famous blacksmith Viktor Mikhalev fabricated the monument. The formal dedication is in a few days, but Donetsk people are bringing fresh flowers and stuffed toys, and laying them down as memorial offerings.

31 August 2015

DNR Online

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This is why Yatsenyuk, Denisenko, Poroshenko, and Shevchuk all deserve to hang by the neck until they are dead in the Maidan. I’d trip the trap with no emotion under those evil motherfuckers… yes, the death penalty is sinful, but sometimes in our fallen world, that’s the only recourse. I’d trip the trap, watch the scumbags die, and let the carrion crows rip their corpses. Yes, I’d need to confess that, to be sure. However, the blood of our murdered innocent children cries unto Heaven. Only soulless demon-spawn would order the killing of innocent children and bless those who carry it out. That’s that…



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