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Monday, 31 August 2015

European Water Experts Haven’t Arrived in the LNR and Refuse to Explain Why

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Today, V N Deinego, LNR Commissioner at the Minsk Talks, told us that international water supply experts haven’t yet arrived in the LNR, nor have they given a reason for it as of yet, even though the parties reached an agreement to that effect at the Minsk Talks, saying, “The information [about the arrival of the experts] isn’t only inconsistent, we haven’t even got any queries from them. We should’ve received a work plan, but they haven’t done any work on it yet. Only this week, according to the Contact Group, did the experts start work on this. We’ve gotten no explanation about this from anybody”.

Also today, LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky stated, “We have no specific date [for their arrival]; the only thing that we have are promises”. Earlier reports stated that as a part of the “road map” to restore water supply utilities in the DNR and LNR, the participants in the Minsk talks agreed that German and Swiss experts would arrive in the LNR in August. The next scheduled meetings of the Contact Group and its four working subgroups will be on 8 and 22 September and 6 and 20 October.

31 August 2015

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