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Monday, 31 August 2015

Pushilin sez Bloodshed at the Verkhovnaya Rada is the Price of Its Alliance with Radical Elements

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D V Pushilin, Vice Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, stated that the present deadly clashes in front of the Verkhovnaya Rada in Kiev came about because the Ukrainian junta cooperated with extremists, saying, “This is the price of their criminal alliance with radical, fascist, and nationalist forces… who helped them to pull off the coup. This affair was all-too-predictable; radical elements want to continue to kill, want to continue the war as it profits them, so, any steps to end the war are hateful to them”. Earlier, per Ukrainian media sources, during a protest in Kiev today, someone threw a hand grenade into a cordon of the so-called “National Guard” during a rally protesting the reform of the [Ukrainian] Constitution. It exploded, leading to many casualties. As Pushilin noted, the incident had a direct tie to the discussion in the Rada on amendments to the Constitution aimed at decentralising state administration. He said, “Unfortunately, what happened today in the Rada is far from fulfilling the stipulations of the Minsk Agreement. However, we’re well aware that if Kiev came to its senses and began to carry out the Minsk Agreement, it’d meet more obstacles along the way. Radical nationalists just hide behind patriotism; they really pursue their own financial benefit. They want a place in the sun. If the war ends, they’re just bandits, criminals, armed gangs… I’m talking about the so-called Right Sector, the so-called “Tornado” battalion, and others. They’re criminals, thugs, and looters… they’re the dregs of society”.

31 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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