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Monday, 31 August 2015

OFFICIAL Zakharchenko Addressed the Incoming Class at Donetsk National University

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On 31 August, there was a special ceremony for incoming students in the assembly hall of the main building of Donetsk National University (DNU). This year, there are more than 4,000 new students at DNU, one of the DNR’s leading universities. With a move to new (Russian) educational standards, they’ll have the opportunity to study 14 new specialties. Amongst those who came to greet the new students and their parents were:

  • A V Zakharchenko, Chairman of the DNR Government
  • A A Karaman, MD, Chairman of the DNR Council of Ministers
  • Ye N Nikitina, DNR Minister of Information
  • I V Kostenok, Adviser to the Chairman of the DNR Government on Education and Science
  • Mikhail Kushakov, DNR First Deputy Minister of Education and Science

Besides these officials, Deputies of the DNR Peoples Soviet and other public figures attended the affair.

A V Zakharchenko addressed the new students:

I congratulate you on your successful acceptance [to university] and your starting of a new life. You’re now adults, so, you make decisions, about not only your own personal life, but also those that affect the whole country. Any profession that you learn won’t only be a means to support your families. You must understand that you’re all citizens of a new state. You’re present at a historic event taking place in the DNR and LNR… it’s fundamentally changing the global balance of power. You, who will learn here… are real patriots. On my way to this assembly, I met a young man in military uniform on the stairs, he fought to defend the Motherland; now, he’s on his way to study. We differ from all others in the former Ukraine… we have a burning love for our native soil. I remember my student days, so, I know how important a good quality education is for you. I want you to remember that the education that you get here, you must apply for the good of the Motherland. I also want you to know that amongst applicants to Russian universities, our people from the DNR were some of the best available.

31 August 2015

DNR Online

Official website of the DNR Council of Ministers and DNR Peoples Soviet


Leshchenko sez DNR Sent Invitation to OSCE to Monitor DNR Local Elections

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Today, Maksim Leshchenko, Head of Administration for the DNR Chairman of the Government, told us:

By order of DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko, we sent an official invitation this morning to the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights to send observers to monitor our local elections [on 18 October 2015]. Zakharchenko signed the request on Saturday, 29 August. We expressed our confidence that we’d soon get a positive response to our proposal. We have no intention to hide and hold closed elections in the region. Despite the difficult situation in the DNR, we’re committed to the Minsk Agreement and are ready to comply with it, even unilaterally. We’ll do everything possible to see to it that our local elections are fair and open. To show that everything is transparent and complies with the letter of the law, we hope that the OSCE would help us. We guarantee security for any [OSCE] mission and we’d see to the prerequisites for its fruitful work. Provocations are possible, but they’d be even more probable if the OSCE refused our invitation. We’ve never confirmed any case of cessation of attacks just because the OSCE mission came to a town intensively shelled on the previous day.

31 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


31 August 2015. What DO You Do When There are NO Good Options?

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Old Woman And Computer Joke


I wrote this to a friend:

Here’s the rub. Yes, I know EVERYTHING that you say… but under Dahulich it would’ve been WORSE. That’s why they voted for Nicholas… KNOWING HIS WEAKNESSES. It’s why the OCA voted for Mollard, KNOWING HIS WEAKNESSES. Sometimes, your only choice is between “bad” and “BAD”. Therefore, you choose “bad” with open eyes, knowing that the alternative was “BAD”. That was my point.

We live in an imperfect fallen world, so, the choices open to us aren’t always the best. Sometimes, the only choices aren’t only “not good”, but all are “bad” to one extent or another… but we have to make some sort of decision. ACROD had to choose… Dahulich or Smiško. Likewise, the OCA had to choose… Dahulich or Mollard. In both cases, Dahulich went away wanting. In both cases, a weak reed got the nod… however, as an OCA archpriest told me, “Mollard IS our choice. We voted for him knowing who and what he is. No one of any consequence wanted Dahulich”. Dahulich actually carried out a positive function in that he concentrated people’s minds wonderfully (also, his stripling smarkacz* young buck partisans didn’t make a good impression, to speak bluntly).

  • smarkacz: Polish/po-nashemu for “drippy-nosed kid”, usually applied to uppity youths who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, but who presume to lecture their elders

Therefore, before you criticise your forebears, do look at all the REAL options that they had. In all too many cases, they were dealing with the shitty hand dealt to them and they were trying to make the best of it. I speak in all kindness and with no intent to “lecture” or condescend. I’d say to my young friends:

Someday, you WILL have to make a decision, and all that’ll be on your plate are shitty options. Yet, you’ll have to choose one of them, for that’ll be all that’s on offer. DO SO. You WILL face criticism. Sometimes, that’s the only road open to you. Take it and know that you did your best.

That’s REAL “Speaking the Truth in Love”… the other thing that goes by that name is demonic to the bone and only charlatans use it.


Russia Sends Specialised Medicine for Neonates to DNR

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Today, DNR Advisor on Children’s Rights Ya V Chepikova told us:

The Commissioner for Children’s Rights in St Petersburg has found it possible to deliver surfactants for neonates (used to treat respiratory distress syndrome, the cost in Russia is more than 20,000 Roubles (1,915 Renminbi. 19,940 INR. 300 USD. 399 CAD. 423 AUD. 267 Euros. 195 UK Pounds) per pack). We have 120 packages ready to ship. Now, the only question concerns transportation, as it needs special storage conditions. The Russian Federation responded very quickly to our request… we received a positive answer from St Petersburg three days after a DNR representative put in a query. As you can see, Russia once again responded to our request, and very quickly.

In June 2015, the Ukraine blocked any medical supplies for neonates from going to the DNR. Chepikova pointed up that some charities and the Russian Federation provided help after the blockade.

31 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



If the junta is blocking medical shipments to the Peoples Republics through its territory, well, we Orthodox should respond. The ROCOR Fund for Assistance and any other Orthodox group should put any sort of aid for any group in junta-occupied territory on hold. If the Uniate and schismo pigs want to hurt children, maybe, we can’t stop them, but we can halt all shipments to them.


If the ROCOR Fund for Assistance continues to send aid to the junta (as they’ve done in the recent past), they prove themselves traitors to Orthodoxy and the enemies of Holy Rus. We may not be able to do much, but we can see to it that no one under the junta gets aid (for to send anyone aid is to help the illegitimate putschist junta).


It’s sad that this happened, but people such as Potapov have too much influence in our circles here in the diaspora. There are also those who live in the past, who tell themselves, “Most Russians are anti-communist (that is, pro-USA)”… that’s not only false, it’s a slap in the face to our compatriots and coreligionists. If you hear anyone talking like that, know that they’re either dupes or active collaborators with the Anglo persecutors of Holy Rus (that’s true of Potapov, Paffhausen, Webster, Dreher, and some figures at Jordanville).

Our people hang on the cross. At the very least, we shouldn’t help their persecutors in any way. What does that tell you about people such as Vassa Larina, Jonas Paffhausen, John Jillions, and Freddie M-G who suck up to the Uniate persecutors of the Holy Church? Yes… what does it tell you, and what does it tell you about their character, in particular? I stand for our compatriots and coreligionists. Anyone who schmoozes with Uniates, does not, and they make their stand public. Do ponder that…


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