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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

2 September 2015. My View of “Establishment” Pols

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Whether it’s Butcher Biden or Ted Cruz… Chilly Hilly or Marco Rubio… Martin O’Malley or Scott Walker… most ordinary folk are sick unto death of the current crop of pols. We know that we don’t count for shit in their calculations… at least, the Republicans are openly nasty, but the Dems suck up to every kind of loudmouthed activist on the planet, which sets most real people’s teeth on edge. Most of us don’t give a rat’s ass for Black Lives Matter™, PETA, or the heartbreak of psoriasis. We love the real people around us, we’ll stand up for them, no question, but we won’t abide condescending lectures and asshat criticisms from stuck-up “liberal” activists (always with the unspoken subtext, “You lowdown racist ignorant cunt”… which all people detect at a distance, let me tell you).

The current pabulum dispensed by both the Repugs and the Dems has most people FED UP. That’s why Trump and Bernie are soaring so high. That’s my view, any road… I won’t be “argued out of it”, either…


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