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Friday, 4 September 2015

ROEA Diocesan Assembly this weekend

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Priest informant told me that Popp wants to consider TWO new vicar bishops. There’s buzz about Duvlea not wanting this because he’s more likely to succeed Popp as bishop if he’s the only auxiliary, so he’s saying he was sidelined before the assembly because he opposed the men put forward. The scuttlebutt has it that the only reason Popp made the charges public was to counter that argument… in general he isn’t a big fan of the sexual abuse policy. I got this intel from a ROEA informant:

Incidentally, the assertion made by the moderator of Monomakhos that Bishop Irineu doesn’t “speak a lick of English” is patently false. I had a detailed conversation with him in English once about Holy Synod matters and Syosset’s internal affairs and I have been present at liturgical services where he has served partially in the English language. One should also note that questions about sexual morality aren’t necessarily the only reasons the Romanian Patriarchate declined to consecrate him to the episcopacy. The BOR has many male monastic vocations and therefore a good-sized pool of potential candidates to choose from. There are many factors to consider when selecting and grooming individuals for the hierarchy and perhaps Bishop Irineu was deemed unsuitable by the relevant Church authorities for one or more of these. Who knows?

Do notice that VFR, roea.org, pokrov.org, monomakhos, the Uniate site byzantinetexas, and the local secular press in Dearborn Heights covered this story yet oca.org remains conspicuously silent. They haven’t even announced that one of their own bishops is on a leave of absence and is prohibited from serving anywhere. Since this matter concerns a hierarch, where is Mollard in all of this? What does he do all day?

You pays your money and you takes your choice. I can attest that Bishop Irineu speaks acceptable English, I met him once and he can communicate… not on a native-speaker level, but well enough to be understood and to understand. Monomakhos is fulla shit per usual… they need Mommy to come and change their full nappies.

We’ll know more after the pow-wow.



4 September 2015. A Thought from Vladimir Putin

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Lugansk Prosthetics Centre Resumed Operations

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Today, LNR Minister of Labour and Social Policy Svetlana Malakhova told a news conference that the Lugansk prosthetics centre resumed operations, noting:

I’d draw your attention to the fact that our prosthetics centre resumed operations. Now, we’ll be able to fulfil requests for prostheses, including previously existing orders. To qualify for disability assistance, one must be in an individual rehabilitation programme, certified by a physician at their place of registration, and contact the Office of Labour and Social Security to get a referral for a prosthesis. Our plant also concluded contracts with the DNR and with Rostov Oblast.

The Lugansk Prosthetics Centre resumed operations in February 2015, and completed its first orders in April. At the end of June, due to lack of raw materials, operations stopped. Before the outbreak of hostilities, the centre was in operation for about 70 years, making more than 100 orthopaedic products. Under socialised medicine, disabled people receive prostheses without any out-of-pocket outlay.

4 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


4 September 2015. Know Ye Not, That So Many Of Us As Were Baptised Into Jesus Christ Were Baptised Into His Death?

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