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Friday, 4 September 2015

Lugansk Prosthetics Centre Resumed Operations

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Today, LNR Minister of Labour and Social Policy Svetlana Malakhova told a news conference that the Lugansk prosthetics centre resumed operations, noting:

I’d draw your attention to the fact that our prosthetics centre resumed operations. Now, we’ll be able to fulfil requests for prostheses, including previously existing orders. To qualify for disability assistance, one must be in an individual rehabilitation programme, certified by a physician at their place of registration, and contact the Office of Labour and Social Security to get a referral for a prosthesis. Our plant also concluded contracts with the DNR and with Rostov Oblast.

The Lugansk Prosthetics Centre resumed operations in February 2015, and completed its first orders in April. At the end of June, due to lack of raw materials, operations stopped. Before the outbreak of hostilities, the centre was in operation for about 70 years, making more than 100 orthopaedic products. Under socialised medicine, disabled people receive prostheses without any out-of-pocket outlay.

4 September 2015

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