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Saturday, 5 September 2015

DNR Minoborony Reported 13 Junta Ceasefire Violations

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Today, the DNR Minoborony reported, “Over the past 24 hours, the fascist aggressors committed 13 ceasefire violations. The enemy fired 21 8.2-cm/12-cm mortar shells, besides using small arms. The enemy fired at Trudovska (Donetsk, Petrovsky Raion) and Aleksandrovska. The shelling on our civilian areas came from enemy positions near Marinka. Earlier reports said that one civilian died and two more suffered injuries in the shelling of Aleksandrovka”.

5 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Donetsk Botanical Garden Hosted Large Folk Art Fair

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Today, a Folk Art Fair entitled, “Autumn’s Opening” opened at the Donetsk Botanical Garden. More than 70 enterprises, studios, and creative associations put on display handicrafts made of metal, glass, ceramics, wood, and other materials. Besides this, participants held a concert and various workshops. This fair opens “A City of Craftsmen: The Botanical Garden… A Place of Art”. Svetlana Prikhodko, the director of the Botanical Gardens, told us:

Masters and craftsmen from all over the DNR attended this event. The fair portrays all the colours of autumn… we have potters, bakers, ceramicists, embroiderers, and many more. In addition to a huge variety of crafts, fairgoers can be part of photosets or take part in workshops on knitting, decoupage, and pottery. We’ll even have yoga classes on the Garden lawn. We expect up to 6,000 visitors, and they’d be able to find a souvenir to fit their taste. In addition to the exhibition and sale area, we also have a children’s area where kids can play games with giant puppets and other entertainment. For the first time, we’ll hold a special acoustic music concert in one of the greenhouses of the garden. The fair will last two days. We’ll hold the same sort of thing in the garden on Day of the Teacher. We want to establish a permanent market-fair for folk artists here in Donetsk.

Donetsk Botanical Garden, established in 1964, is amongst the largest in Europe, it covers 202 hectares (2 square kilometres, 500 acres/0.78 square mile). The establishment has a unique collection of 8,000 species, forms, and varieties of plants. Garden staff actively develops commercial garden botany, which is especially important for this industrial region.

5 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Lugansk Prosthetics Centre sez that You Don’t Collect Plastic Waste to Make Artificial Limbs… sez Ukrainian Campaign for that Wrongheaded

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Konstantin Fomenko, director of the Lugansk Prosthetic and Orthopaedic Centre, told us that we shouldn’t collect plastic bottles and caps for high-quality prosthetics, as a Ukrainian media campaign urges. The campaign in the media, called Collect Lids for Soldier’s Prostheses, asks Ukrainians to take plastic bottles and lid and deposit them in special containers in commercial establishments and public places. The assumption is that manufacturers would crush the plastic material into pellets for use as raw material to manufacture prostheses for wounded junta militants. According to the backers, each prosthesis needs 80,000 bottles with lids. Fomenko disputed this, saying:

For high-quality prosthetics, you don’t need to collect thousands of plastic caps. After an enforced hiatus, we’re back up and running, gradually increasing our output of prostheses and orthopaedic articles, serving both civilian and military clients. Our enterprise was able to solve a vexing problem… a lack of raw materials and components, which we previously received from Ukrainian sources. Now, we signed contracts for the supply of raw materials and components from a number of enterprises in Moscow and Rostov-na-Donu. Therefore, to provide high-quality prosthetics, we needn’t collect plastic waste, as they’re trying to do in the Ukraine. I’m sceptical of this whole campaign, for, fact is, that sort of plastic simply isn’t suitable for manufacturing prosthetics. We need special formulations and special resins. Perhaps, they intend this plastic as secondary raw materials. However, it’s wrongheaded; it isn’t good enough to make a high-quality product.

5 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



This is so utterly goofy and “feel-good” that it has to be the brainchild of a demented Anglo American. Even Galicians from the uttermost backwoods holler know better… you don’t use low-quality plastic waste to make high-quality orthopaedic or prosthetic appliances! Only an American could be so clueless and so smug at the same time. It’s too much, isn’t it? Good God, do cut the suffering of the peoples in Banderstan* short… they don’t deserve what they’re getting…

  • Banderstan: Nickname for junta-controlled territory in the Peoples Republics. Portmanteau of “BANDERa” (Galician Uniate terrorist of the 30s and 40s) coupled with “STAN” (as in KazakhSTAN, AfghaniSTAN, et al).


Donbass, War 2015

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Whilst politicians argue over the division of territories, children are left without parents, are disabled, they hide in wet basements… every day, they’re in the line of fire… every day, they die.

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