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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Central all-Republic Bank will Set Price of Goods Imported from the Ukraine for Sale in DNR Markets

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Today, Vladimir Nekrasov, Acting Chief Inspector for Supervision of Pricing under the DNR Ministry of Economic Development, told us:

Enterprises that import goods from the Ukraine should execute all relevant customs documents in Roubles. When they set their prices, they should tie them to the exchange rate for the day set by the DNR Central all-Republic Bank (TsRB). Today’s exchange rate set by the TsRB is 3.0594 Grivnya to 1 Russian Rouble. The price of goods imported into the DNR before 1 September should remain unchanged, that is, at a rate of one Grivnya to one Rouble.

5 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


DNR Received 150 Tractors, Combine Harvesters, and Trailer Units from Russia

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Today, DNR Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Maksim Savenko announced at a news conference:

By now, our agro-industrial complex received 30 combines, 20 tractors, and 100 trailer units from our Russian colleagues. Already this fall, they took part in the sowing of winter crops and harvesting a range of crops. At this time, DNR farmers need to prepare for sowing grain. We expect new equipment to arrive in the Republic in November, but it won’t be spread around, it’ll go to our newly created state-owned AgroDonbass MTS*, to provide services to all agricultural enterprises in our republic. I’d also like to note that our grain harvest totalled 262,000 tonnes of grain.

  • MTS: Machine Tractor Station, centralised depot for maintenance, storage, and dispatch of agricultural machinery

4 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Purgin Out as DNR Peoples Soviet Chairman… Pushilin In

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Today, official sources told us that Vice Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet D V Pushilin took over from A E Purgin as Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, saying, “Purgin resigned his post at a meeting of the Peoples Soviet, after an overwhelmingly negative vote from the deputies. D V Pushilin is now the Acting Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet”.



Today, Acting Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet D V Pushilin told us that A E Purgin’s resignation as Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet is due to his attempt to disrupt a parliamentary session today. An official release from Pushilin stated:

The last straw was his attempt today to disrupt the meeting of the Peoples Soviet, when the deputies had to listen to false statements made with the aim of forcing a destabilisation of the situation. [Purgin] became influenced by Aleksei Aleksandrov, head of the DNR Peoples Soviet administrative apparat. This caused significant difficulties for the work of the Soviet; in addition, Aleksei Georgyevich took a number of political positions inconsistent with the policy of the entire state. I regret that Purgin came under Aleksandrov’s influence. A group of deputies called an extraordinary session of the Peoples Soviet, with 70 of 73 deputies voting to remove A E Purgin from his post as Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet. The Acting Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet is now D V Pushilin.

Pushilin’s first official action was to dismiss Aleksandrov as head of the administrative apparat of the Peoples Soviet.


4 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency

The Goal of the LNR is to Make Higher Education Accessible to All



Today, LNR Acting Minister of Education and Science Valentina Tkachenko told us that the Peoples Republic leadership has the goal of making higher education accessible to all, quite unlike the Ukrainian junta, saying:

In our republic, despite the rather difficult times, second-year students study tuition-free. Those who qualify will receive stipends; it’s in our budget. We commit ourselves to the so-called free contract, which makes it possible to offer higher education to everyone. In the Ukraine, they’re doing the opposite. There, every year, they reduce the number of subsidised places in universities and they increase tuition fees. Once, 23 years ago, higher education in the Ukraine was free; then, they practically buried it. There were only a negligible number of subsidised places; the rest had to pay tuition. That was in all universities, colleges, and technical schools. Now, funding for maintenance and development in all LNR institutes of higher education come from the Republic budget.

4 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Let’s keep it simple:

Orthodox Socialism in the Peoples Republics:

socialised medicine for all, free education through university for all, subsidised food prices for the poor, increase in pensions, a sufficiency in the shops

Schismo/Uniate Crapitalist Fascism:

pay-through-the-nose fees for medical treatment, rises in school fees across the board, decrease in pensions, no subsidies, cuts in wages, dearth of goods in the shops

The hierarchies of the so-called “Ukrainian Catholic” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” Churches support the fascist junta and all of its anti-people decrees. Most of the believers, I think, are innocent of such collusion (they’re merely brainwashed… give ‘em some slack). You can see where the right lies… the Peoples Republics are god-fearing Christian socialist societies. The junta-misruled Ukraine is a lawless anarchic godless libertarian paradise (it’s what Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan salivated over)… an epitome of the rule of the Antichrist.

You can choose whom to support. I’ve chosen… so should you. Choose wisely…


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