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Monday, 7 September 2015

7 September 2015. IS OUTRAGE! The Continuing Saga of Fr Vasily™ and His Cats! (A Riff on Alex Riggle’s “Onion Dome”)

00 cat 01 070915


Lest you think that I’m making fun of the older émigré generation, this is actually a gentle tribute to them. I’m thinking of Archbishop Averky Taushev, Captain Nicholas Alexander, Fr Vladimir Sukhobok, and Nikita and Sophie Koulomzin. Without people like that (and their sometimes fractured English), we’d have no Church at all. They did more than all the loud newbies ever did… in their unassuming and quiet Russian way.

I salute them.


yes, they did talk like that sometimes… but they also had hearts as big and wide as the Russian steppe. I miss them…



DNR Minoborony Reported 5 Junta Ceasefire Violations

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Today, the DNR Minoborony reported, “Over the past 24 hours, the fascist aggressors committed 5 ceasefire violations. The enemy fired 8.2-cm/12-cm mortars, besides using small arms. The enemy intensively shelled Sakhanka with 12-cm mortars rom positions near Shirokino, and fired at Spartak with 8.2-cm mortars and small arms from positions near Butovka Mine. Currently, there’s no information on military or civilian casualties”.

7 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Zakharchenko sez DNR Honourably Raised the Banner of the Heroes who Liberated the Donbass in 1943

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On the eve of Liberation Day, at the Saur-Mogila Memorial Complex, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko stated:

In 1941, a powerful foe attacked our land, for 700 days, it was under enemy occupation. There were 700 days of brutal atrocities, which killed tens of thousands of our countrymen. In 1943, on 8 September, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers kicked out these fascist stray cats from our land. Again, in 2014, enemies invaded the Donbass once more, once again fighting erupted around Makeyevka, Yenakiyevo, Gorlovka, Debaltsevo, and Uglegorsk. Again, we had to take up arms, as we did 70 years ago. We have the honour of raising up again the banner of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. In 1941, the enemy wasn’t able to beat down the Donbass, nor will they do so in 2015.


L V Leshchenko (Peoples Artist of the RSFSR) has “owned” День Победы (Victory Day) since its première in 1975… this is an early rendition from 1975


…this performance is from 2015… Lev Valerianovich is still going strong at 73


Синий платочек (The Blue Scarf) is another VOV fave… this version by K I Shulzhenko (Peoples Artist of the USSR) is from 1942 (she was a Kharkov homegirl)…


…here, Klavdiya Ivanovna does her standard in a 1975 performance… she lived until 1984


Over 5,000 people were at the ceremony, including VOV veterans, delegations from the raions and towns of the Republic, as well as members of the DNR Council of Ministers and the DNR Peoples Soviet. Soloists of the Donetsk State Philharmonic gave a concert of famous war songs such as Синий платочек (Blue Scarf), День Победы (Victory Day), and others. At the foot of the memorial, Bishop Varsonofy Vinnichenko of Novoazovsk {vicar of the Donetsk Diocese, a Donetsk homie: editor} served a Pannikhida in memory of fallen soldiers. He said, “The sun should always shine over the Donbass, reflected in the eyes of mothers and in children’s smiles. Freedom is a hard thing to get, but it’s the most sacred thing that we have”. Those present honoured the memory of those who fell fighting for their motherland’s freedom with a moment of silence. At the end of the Pannikhida, Zakharchenko and other high government officials climbed up to the point where the Soviet positions were in 1943. They laid flowers on the graves of fallen Red Army soldiers from 72 years ago, as well as laying flowers on the more recent graves of patriot soldiers who died defending the motherland a year ago.

The Donbass celebrates Liberation Day on 8 September, as the Red Army liberated Stalino (now Donetsk) from the fascist occupiers on that day.

7 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Heating and Hot Water Rates in the LNR Much Lower than Those in the Ukraine

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Today, LNR Minister of Construction and Housing Aleksei Rusakov told us that utility rates for heating and centralised hot water supply is lower than in the Ukraine, saying:

Following the LNR Council of Ministers decision “On applying residential housing services rates as of 1 July 2014”, payment for consumed heat energy for residential buildings (apartments) and other consumers who pay for this service according to the set residential rates, is 177.66 Grivnya (554 Roubles. 52 Renminbi. 540 INR. 8.08 USD. 10.72 CAD. 11.65 AUD. 7.24 Euros. 5.29 UK Pounds) per Gcal if there is a metered connection, and 4.71 Grivnya (15 Roubles. 1.40 Renminbi. 15 INR. 0.22 USD. 0.29 CAD. 0.31 AUD. 0.20 Euros. 0.14 UK Pounds) per square metre of heated area if there’s no meter on the premises. In Kiev, from 8 May 2015, the price is 657.24 Grivnya (2,048 Roubles. 190 Renminbi. 1,997 INR. 29.88 USD. 39.66 CAD. 43.07 AUD. 26.78 Euros. 19.57 UK Pounds) per Gcal for metered connections and 16.14 Grivnya (51 Roubles. 4.70 Renminbi. 49 INR. 0.74 USD. 0.98 CAD. 1.06 AUD. 0.66 Euros. 0.48 UK Pounds) per square metre if there’s no meter. We have significantly different rates for centralised hot water supply. Thus, in the LNR, if you have heated towel rails with a connection to the hot water system, you pay 30.12 Grivnya (94 Roubles. 8.80 Renminbi. 92 INR. 1.37 USD. 1.82 CAD. 1.98 AUD. 1.23 Euros. 0.90 UK Pounds) per cubic metre, and the rails lack a connection to centralised hot water, you pay 28.19 Grivnya (88 Roubles. 8.20 Renminbi. 86 INR. 1.28 USD. 1.70 CAD. 1.85 AUD. 1.15 Euros. 0.84 UK Pounds) per cubic metre. In Kiev, it costs 40.92 Grivnya (128 Roubles. 11.90 Renminbi. 125 INR. 1.86 USD. 2.47 CAD. 2.69 AUD. 1.67 Euros. 1.22 UK Pounds) and 37.91 Grivnya (118 Roubles. 11 Renminbi. 115 INR. 1.73 USD. 2.29 CAD. 2.49 AUD. 1.55 Euros. 1.13 UK Pounds) respectively.

7 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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