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Monday, 7 September 2015

7 September 2015. Today is Labour Day… It is NOT Bosses’ Day

00 workers of the world unite! labour day 2015 070915


The boss is NOT your friend… his thugs and minions are NOT your friends… the Republican Party that serves them is NOT your friend. If you earn wages or a salary, you should NEVER vote for Republicans… they’re for the oligarchs, first, last, and always. “Pro-Life?” I think not… they pay wages so low that workers at 40-hour-a-week jobs are on food stamps. That’s what “Pro-Life” means in the USA. If you vote for such objective evil you’re either a dupe, a fool, or a conscious agent of evil.

Never forget, Orthodox people… HH is pals with the Castro brothers, NOT the Koch brothers!



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