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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

DNR Blocked Coal Shipments to the Ukraine until the Junta Lifts Its Blockade of Fuel and Spare Parts

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DNR Transport Minister Semyon Kuzmenko told us:

Now, we’re blocking coal supplies to the Ukraine; we have stringent conditions [to resume shipments]. The situation is now critical in the Ukraine; they need 1.2 million tonnes of coal from us per month. We’d only deliver it if they lifted their blockade of fuel and spare parts for railway wagons and locomotives, and if they ceased firing [on our trains]. Until they meet these conditions, we aren’t going to ship any coal to the Ukraine. At present, we’re only able to use a third of the locomotives that we need for our economy; we need to increase our capacity for our needs. With the removal of their blockade on fuel and spare parts, the DNR would be able to bring enough locomotives into the economy within two months.

The Ukraine terminated fuel shipments to the DNR on 27 June, since then, DNR railroad operations have depended on the remaining stocks of POLs*.

  • POL: Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants

8 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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