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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

OFFICIAL Message of DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko on the 72nd Anniversary of the Liberation of the Donbass from the Fascist Invaders

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Dear compatriots!

DNR Citizens!

I appeal to everyone in our homeland to remember a historical event of particular importance for our region… the liberation of the Donbass from the fascist invaders. Unfortunately, years of occupation preceded this great victory, almost 700 days of inhuman cruelty, pain, and suffering, with unprecedented mass extermination of the civilian population. Just at the Kalinovka Mines 4 and 4a, the fascists shot about 75,000 people… women, children, the elderly, prisoners of war… and threw their bodies into the mineshafts. However, on 8 September 1943 became a long-awaited joyous day for everybody. The troops of the Southern and South-Western Fronts recaptured the Donbass from the Germans… retaking the most important industrial region of our great country. Many warriors of the Red Army met heroic deaths in the bloody and bitter battles for the liberation of Donbass fallen hero’s death, such as Lieutenant General Gurov and Guards Colonel Grinkevich. The liberation of Donbass from fascist invaders will forever remain in our memories and will always be a reminder of the courage, valour and heroism of our people, whose will no one can break. I greet on this happy day all our winner-veterans who fought and liberated their homeland from the Nazis, every inhabitant of the Donbass, and everyone in the DNR. We remember the podvigs* of our ancestors and carry out the covenants of our grandfathers. We won’t allow the enemy to grab our Motherland and we’ll kick the aggressors out of our native land. Victory will be ours!

  • Podvig: Should NEVER be “Englished”… one of the most powerful words in the Russian language. There are literally no English equivalents strong enough. Podvig has overtones of “epic”, “heroic”, “bravery”, “self-sacrifice”, “victory”, “effort”, and “triumph”. It’s best to leave it as is, and admit that English lacks the necessary material to give meaning to this word.

00 a v zakharchenko. 02. 11.05.15A V Zakharchenko

Chairman of the DNR Government

8 September 2015

DNR Online

Official website of the DNR Council of Ministers and DNR Peoples Soviet


Over 90 Percent of Boilers in LNR Buildings Ready for the Heating Season

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Today, LNR Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services Aleksei Rusakov told us:

The Republic is in full swing preparing for the new heating season. Today, we’ve fully refurbished and updated 182 out of 200 boilers, which is 91 percent of the plan. In the Republic, there are 10,355 homes with central heating. Under the plan, we propose to repair or replace the in-house network in 2,811 apartment houses. Today, we’ve done 84 percent of this work. Besides boilers, we’re preparing heating ducts for the new season. The total length of heating pipelines in the Republic is 514 kilometres (320 miles), we plan to repair or replace more than 422 kilometres (263 miles) of pipes before the winter heating season. Today, we’ve competed 86 percent of this work. The delay in completing the plan comes from a shortage of pipes and other components, which must come from Russia now because of the Ukrainian blockade.

7 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


LNR Currently Has More Social Capital than the Failing “Ukraine”

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Today, Aleksandr Protsenko (Candidate of Political Science), head of the Особый статус (Special Status) sociological research centre, told us that the LNR now has much more robust social capital than the Ukraine, which is an important and necessary foundation of any serious societal sociopolitical transformation, laying the requisite groundwork for its consolidation, saying:

Analysing the results of our research in the LNR and comparing them with similar studies run in the Ukraine, you’d notice a very interesting feature. Despite the fact that, for obvious reasons, the general situation in the society, especially in terms of social infrastructure and the economic sphere, is much more complicated than in the Ukraine, one can still say that the public mood has a high level of social optimism. Thus, according to the research, almost one in three respondents are optimistic regarding the way things are going in the LNR, and only one in ten thinks otherwise. At the same time, the data of July polls in the Ukraine show that 72 percent of Ukrainians believe that the country is going in the wrong direction, a February 2015 poll showed that more than 70 percent aren’t satisfied with their lives. In the LNR, as of August 2015, more than half of respondents expect to improve their lives in the near future; the situation in Ukraine in February was nearly opposite that… more than 40 percent were pessimistic and only 15 percent were optimistic. A similar situation prevails in re support and confidence in the central authorities. To oversimplify, to characterise this situation, we can say that the inhabitants of the Republic, having gone through the worst of the crisis, believe that the worst is over and note the gradual recovery of their quality of life. Now, on the contrary, Ukrainians feel that they’re still in the grip of crisis, the peak of which still hasn’t yet arrived.

7 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


8 September 2015. Translated Russian Demot… This is How You Paint on Fences

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