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Monday, 14 September 2015

Z A Kosmodemyanskaya… Soviet Partisan, Hero of the Soviet Union (13 September 1923-29 November 1941)

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Zoya was born 13 September 1923 in the Osino-Gai in Gavrilovsky Raion in Tambov Oblast, into a local clergy family. In 1930, the family moved to Moscow. On 31 October 1941, Zoya Anatolyevna was amongst 2,000 Komsomoltsy volunteers at a rally at the Kolizei cinema, from there, she went to the Sprogis partisan school.” After three days of training, they sent her on 4 November to ​​Volokolamsk, where her group has successfully laid roadside booby-traps. On 17 November 1941, I V Stalin issued Decree 0428, instructing, “Drive out the Wehrmacht occupiers in our villages and towns, drive out the German invaders from all our settlements into the cold, smoke them out of all their bases and warm havens and force them to freeze in the open air. Destroy and burn down all settlements in the German rear up to 40-60 kilometres from the front line and from 20-30 kilometres to the right and left of the highways”. Zoya Anatolyevna was a part of a partisan group given the task to burn for 10 settlements in 5-7 days, including the village of Petrishcheva. Her group came under fire near the village of Golovkova and suffered heavy losses. The fascists captured her, put her to torture, and hanged her on 29 November 1941 in the village of Petrishcheva in Moscow Oblast. In 1942, she was posthumously became a Hero of the Soviet Union. She became the subject of many works of poets, writers, playwrights, painters, and sculptors in Soviet literature and art; they named streets after her in many Soviet cities.

Они выбрали Родину как главную ценность. Вечная память и слава героям! Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто!

They chose their Motherland as being above all other things. Eternal memory and glory to the heroes! No one is forgotten; nothing is forgotten!


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