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Monday, 14 September 2015

DNR Scientists Introduced Technology to Extract Coal Products from Sludge Collection Basins

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Specialists at Donetsk National Technical University (DonTU), together with UkrVibroMash technicians, developed revolutionary technology for Donbass coal mining enterprises to enable them to recycle resources. This will allow them to recycle coal products from waste sludge in water purification facilities at central processing plants, as this sludge has up to 40 percent coal slurry. Sergey Bukin, Tenured Professor of enrichment at DonTU, one of the researchers, told us:

We based it on vibration technology. We put a special unit into a settling pond to separate sludge, with the help of vibrating screens and separators, to isolate the coal products in it. The ash content of the concentrate after enrichment can be from 5 to 20 percent, we can use it both in power plants and in coke production. In just one hour, such a unit can process up to 50 tonnes of carbon-containing wastes, which now are sources of recycled resources. Sludge collection basins require substantial funds for maintenance and they occupy hundreds of hectares of usable space. With the development of this new technology, the Donbass benefits not only from new energy resources, but also solves a number of important environmental issues.

Currently, there are 80 sludge collection basins in the Donbass at central processing plants. They contain more than 70 million tonnes of waste sludge, previously considered contaminated toxic substances. In recent years, developments at sludge pit operations at the Samsonovskaya, Krasnodonskaya, and Belorechenskaya plants in the LNR have already brought improvements [in the environmental field]. In future, researchers plan to introduce processing to recycle nonferrous and noble metals in the sludge.

13 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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