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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Archbishop Mitrofan Yurchuk Consecrated Church Rebuilt After Uniate Aggressor Attacks

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Metropolitan Mitrofan Yurchuk of Lugansk and Alchevsk reconsecrated a church rebuilt after junta shelling damaged it. St John the Baptist parish is in Rassvet, a dacha community in the Lugansk suburbs. The Diocese of Lugansk noted, “This newly built church suffered damage during the war, but due to the efforts of the rector and generosity from benefactors, the church quickly returned to its former splendour”. Metropolitan Mitrofan told the assembled believers and clergy, “Consecrating a church gives us confidence that our life here will soon return to normal. Our only duty is to continually pray for peace in our land”. Immediately after the reconsecration, Vladyki Mitrofan served Divine Liturgy. With the blessing of Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Kiev and all the Ukraine, Metropolitan Mitrofan decorated the rector, Archimandrite Amvrosy Golyshyov, “for his hard work for the Church of Christ, manifested in his nourishment of his flock and his work in constructing this temple of God”. The Diocese noted, “From now on, at each Divine Liturgy, the clergy will sing the Our Father before the Royal Gates*.

  • The original Russian is unclear, saying that the Our Father would be said at every liturgy before the Royal Gates, but that’s a stereotyped part of the Liturgy, so, a clergy friend suggested that it meant that the clergy would come out in front of the Royal Gates at the Our Father. It makes sense to me.

Vladyki Mitrofan handed out ecclesiastical orders, medals, and certificates in tribute to the clergy and believers of St John the Baptist parish.

Roman Cherneshenko, LNR Advocate for Cooperation with Religious Organisations and Spiritual Issues, reported that of 280 in the LNR, the junta aggressors damaged over 100 places of worship. The greatest destruction was in Kirovsk and Pervomaisk. Today, there are more than 150 operating churches and chapels in the LNR. In the Diocese of Donetsk, indiscriminate junta shelling destroyed ten churches and damaged more than 70. According to the UPTs/MP, before the start of the fighting, the DNR and LNR had 1,100 churches and 17 monasteries, with about 1,100 priests and 350 monks.

16 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



DNR Genprokuratura Delivered More than 2,500 Fragments from Flight MH17 to the OSCE

00 dnr memorial to MH17 victims in grabovo 160915

IN MEMORY of the 298 people who died as innocent victims of the civil war


Maksim Pevtiev, an official at the Investigative Department for Special Cases of the DNR Genprokuratura told us that locals from Rassypnoe in Shaktyorsk Raion handed over about 2,500 fragments from the MH17 crash to the authorities:

People gave us some 2,500 fragments from the airliner… there may be more. Amongst the debris are pieces of the airliner’s exterior, personal belongings of passengers, and so on. All objects will remain in storage until the Genprokuratura transfers them to the OSCE mission.

According our correspondent on the scene, the locals turned over the debris to the authorities before witnesses. Staff from the DNR MChS and the DNR Ministry of Defence were also on hand. They loaded the fragments into a KAMAZ lorry, which took them to Donetsk. The DNR Genprokuratura agreed to resume the preliminary investigation into the crash of a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, which occurred on 17 July 2014. It reopened the case as locals found fragments and parts from the destroyed Boeing 777. Flight MH17 was enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed in the DNR. The accident killed all 298 people onboard.

16 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


16 September 2015. Usual Troglodyte Rightwing Asshats Crawl Out of Their Holes to Carp at Butcher Biden

01 madman


A priest sent me:

Look at this. While I appreciate the jabs taken at the EP, couldn’t they have found some better folks to interview?!? I mean, it’s everyone you’d never want to be interviewed all wrapped into the same article!

Do read the article. Firstly, everyone cited is a slobbering rightwing Republican asshat, who don’t speak for the REAL Church, as the above priest pointed up. Michalapoulos is NOT the most popular Orthodox figure on the internet, he’s the head honcho at Monomuckos, perhaps, the most ignorant and most obtuse konvertsy website on the planet. Reardon is a Republican asshat who’s a minor figure at a fringe publication (like Rod Dreher). Touchstone is an obscure rag that only appears every other month… it doesn’t pay most of its editors (let alone have a proper staff). The AOCANA did NOT back up his idiosyncratic jab at “gay marriage” recently. Alexander Webster is a Far Right crony of Paffhausen and Potapov, a neoliberal apologist for perpetual warfare in foreign parts. All the rest are similar cranks. They got every certified nutter in the Church it seems… only ones that they missed are Potapov, Paffhausen, and Whiteford (or does Vladyki Ilarion have them under a gag order?).

This shows even the slow learners how obsession with abortion and homosexuality distorts many in the Church. These issues are NOT central to Christianity. None of the Seven Councils dealt with them directly. They aren’t a major thread in the Patristic Deposit. They aren’t a major focus of local Nomocanons. Don’t argue with such asshats, please, it’ll do no good. They’re always right; you’re wrong. LEAVE THEM BE.


We live in perilous times. The above link is proof of that. Some of the worst poseurs are clergy and “public figures”. Have a care…


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