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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Blacksmiths Fired Up Forges in Donetsk for “Save and Protect” Festival

00 dnr donetsk pr blacksmiths 01 190915


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The ringing of anvils greeted the Day of the Blacksmith in Donetsk; local smiths held their 17th Festival of Excellence. At the opening, Viktor Burdukov, Chairman of the Donbass blacksmith guild, said:

The central work at the celebration is the sculpture «Спаси и сохрани» (Spasi i sokhrani: Save and Protect)… it’s a metal cross made from the wreckage of the bombed blacksmith atelier Gefest (Hephaestus). Forged roses… Donetsk’s symbol… are atop the cross, along with figures of more than 70 pigeons. The focal point of the sculpture is the Icon of the Most Holy Birthgiver and Mother of God “of Donetsk”, who holds the Infant Christ and a dove.

More than 10,000 people came out to see master smiths work; some got a chance to try their hand at blacksmithing and forging. Bikers from Tatersal MC put on a presentation. Master classes for adults and children were at five different forges. There was even a wedding party at one of the forges. Dmitri and Nastya had a good luck piece forged for them; the groom himself took up the hammer to help. Another event was a demonstration by world record holder Dmitri Khalazhi, from the Triumf Historical Re-enactment Club. The festivities lasted until late in the evening.

19 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



DNR Republican Guard Brigade Spetsnaz Troops Received their Battle Banner

00 dnr donetsk pr spetsnaz soldiers 01 190915


The Republican Guard Brigade spetsnaz unit received its colours in a ceremony on Lenin Square in Donetsk. Defence Minister Major General V P Kononov, Deputy Defence Minister Colonel E А Basurin, Major General Ivan Kondrashov of the Republican Guard Brigade, and about five hundred troops attended the ceremony. General Kononov said, “I’ve known the fighting spirit of the Republican Guard Brigade for a long time… since the time of the battle for Shakhtyorsk. I have positive feelings, for I think that this unit will be the backbone of our armed forces. I wish my men health, patience, and steady nerves”. To honour this momentous event, the DNR forces put captured junta vehicles (tanks, MICVs, APCs, military lorries) on display on one the main streets of Donetsk… Artyom Street. General Kononov said, “Along with your new banner, it’s important that you won the equipment that we pass on to you today in battle and that our skilled technicians repaired it in our factories”. Colonel Basurin told reporters, “Such things show us that the army and the people were always united… that’s the way it is. All the displayed equipment was Ukrainian, we drove it here after repairing and repainting it, but we kept the white stripes (recognition sign of the junta forces) on the BMP MICVs”. Soldiers who showed battlefield bravery received decorations. After receiving their battle banner and swearing a solemn oath of allegiance to the Motherland on it, the soldiers of the newly formed unit paraded down Artyom Street. Locals and visitors welcomed them with applause. After the end of the ceremony, everyone enjoyed food cooked in army mobile field kitchens, took photos with military equipment, and chatted with the soldiers of the new unit.

18 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


19 September 2015. My Reply on FB to Loud “Pro-Life” and “Anti-Socialist” Asshats

00 Art Young. Jesus wanted poster. He stirreth up the people. 1913

I worship the REAL Jesus… the Lord Christ who CHOSE to incarnate as a WORKER, not a priest, not a merchant, not a drone rentier, not a respectable “citizen of worth”… I do NOT worship the JAYZUSS™ of Evangelical neopaganism, of perpetual warfare and guns for all, of gross greed and rancid cupidity, and of hating all those people “not like us”. Art Young captured the essentiality of the True Christ. He was a scandal to the good-thinking respectable and comfortably affluent of his day… He remains such today… that is, if you worship the Lord Christ, and not Jayzuss™. Have a care… the konvertsy toddlers want us to bow down before their idols of Jayzuss™ and the Almighty Dollar… the times are evil.


Don’t put abortion at the centre of the Faith… Christ is. Do differentiate between those who advocate for Christian Equity and those who advocate mere anti-abortion. In such a calculus, Bernie Sanders is more a follower of the Carpenter of Galilee than any “Pro-Lifer” is. After all, Ted Cruz spat in the faces of Arab Orthodox leaders and supports the Israeli repressions in occupied Palestine and the Kiev aggression in Novorossiya. It’s not a simple matter… it’s a full-blown moral dilemma. Again… abortion is NOT the centre of our Faith nor is it the centre of Christian Ethics. Do think on that.

His Holiness is friends with the Castro brothers, NOT the Koch brothers. President Castro has been an honoured guest at Peredelkino more than once. In short, the konvertsy submission is invalid to the core. I can cite actual events… they can’t. Oh, yes… the Church and the KPRF do coöperate… as Fr V A Chaplin (a close advisor to His Holiness) put it, the USSR was far less fixated on materialism and greed than the West was (and is). In short, Capitalism and the Republican Party are antipodes apart from the Holy Church. As Comrade Zyuganov put it in one of his Easter messages, “Christ was the first communist”. Soon after, His Holiness gave him a high church decoration. He’s given NONE to oligarchs or American “conservatives”. Look at the record.


OSCE Thinks Junta Forces Complicate DNR Water Supply Functions

00 dnr donetsk pr water canal 190915


Today, Olga Skripovskaya, head of the Donetsk office of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, told journalists:

Armed bands and regular Ukrainian forces, along with mines and unexploded ordnance, compounded by poor road conditions, hinders access to wells and hampers bringing in water by pipeline to local residents. Repair work on water supply objects isn’t possible due to shelling. Our mission has contributed to local ceasefires, to enable utilities crews to carry out repair work on water system infrastructure.

However, the ceasefire also allows the junta aggressors to bring up military equipment to the Contact Line and to feed in additional units, including nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries.

18 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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