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Saturday, 26 September 2015

26 September 2015. A Thought from Archpriest Aleksei Uminsky

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26 September 2015. A Thought from Anthony Bourdain

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26 September 2015. A Kind Reply to a Self-Described “Liberal” Friend



Firstly, this is not a “rant” … that’s one reason that I hate “Liberalism”. You’re so “reasonable” that all the rest of us have to see the world through your eyes. WE DO NOT. Your priorities are not mine (nor vice versa). I’m saying that we should fight for a world where ALL OF US have equity. ALL OF US. Not just your mascot groups … ALL OF US. The reason Affirmative Action failed is that Liberals used it to punish the White Working Class for the sins committed by the Liberals’ parents. Of course, that led to the breakup of the New Deal coalition. The Liberals killed it with their contempt for the White Working Class. You did NOT care for our joys, pains, or concerns. You were going to aid blacks … if it hurt us, so be it.

Don’t you see the condescension in your reply? I’ve dealt with clueless Liberals many times. For instance, Liberals don’t “get it” that working class people don’t find “meaning” in their jobs. A job is a paycheque; it’s a means to an end, it doesn’t define a person. Liberals, on the other hand, invest their jobs with all kinds of baggage that we simply don’t share. It led to many a misunderstanding (I have a foot in both worlds, being economically working class, but educated)… I “cut the knot” many times. Therefore… if I disagree with your submission, it doesn’t mean that I dislike you, I reject your submission… a very different thing altogether. I respect you for what you are. However, I do NOT sense reciprocity. To be frank, I’ve never sensed such from affluent suburban Liberals. You deal with it, you can do nothing; Liberals reject all criticism of their ideology, and all that flows from it. RANT… I expected better from you. Remember… I do NOT share your outlook or priorities. I don’t hate you for it, but it’s a fact. Why do you gush over your mascot groups, but reject a critique of that attitude from a member of another social class?

You aren’t “leaders”… you’re the same as the rest of us. The sooner that Liberals (and “Progressives”) understand that, they might find that the rest of us might find them more congenial. I’ll accept you any day, any time, as my equal, but I’ll accept NO condescension or smarmy tut-tutting. The sooner that Liberals accept that, the sooner that we’d be able to tackle the actual problems facing us (not the made-up strawmen of the Cause of the Month)! For instance, it’s NOT “Cops vs Blacks”… it’s a situation arising from the Paranoid Security State erected by G W Bush et al, and maintained by the Repugs ever since (they’ve blocked all attempts to modify or end it using low parliamentary manoeuvres). The cops (ordinary working class Joes) are as much victims as the blacks are. If you can’t see that, you’re wilfully blind.

I don’t hate you… your stumbling (I refuse to label them “rants”, as that’s profoundly dismissive and disrespectful to you) serves a purpose. It allows me to address it! Disagreement isn’t a sign of disrespect… think on that. I learnt that a long time ago and those who taught me that are high on my list of “people of respect”. Keep it focused. I love you and yours… I’d fight for you, any day of the week. However, I’m not like you… I never shall be. Be good. Take my hand… the days are dark and there are all sorts of dangers and falsehood afoot…


26 September 2015. I Am the True Vine, and My Father is the Husbandman

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