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Sunday, 27 September 2015

LNR Participants Took Part in Khotmyzhskaya Autumn International Festival of Slavic Culture in Belgorod Oblast

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Земля моя (Zemlya moya: My Land) sung by Nadezhda Krygina (Honoured Artist of Russia)


Today, Tatyana Litman, Director of the Lugansk Palace of Culture, Nelli Malyugina, head of the folk music ensemble Родные напевы (Rodnye Napevy: Down-Home Tunes), and Yelena Yeremenko, head of the Левша (Levsha: Lefty) folklore club, told a news conference that LNR musicians and crafters were part of the Khotmyzhskaya Autumn Festival in Belgorod. Malyugina noted:

This festival has international status; this year, in addition to local groups, participants came from Belarus, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (Russian Federation), Serbia, and the Republic of Crimea (Russian Federation). Our Lugansk people took part in the festival for the very first time; the audience gave us a very warm reception. We even experienced some embarrassment; when the time came for our evening performance on the first day of our arrival, each group had to work up an intro… a few words about the group and a greeting. When we went on stage, we were apprehensive, but the full hall stood up and began to applaud. That was their reaction to our group from Lugansk. We sang two songs, Земля моя (Zemlya moya: My Land) and Ревела степь донская (Revela step donskaya: Revelry from the Don Steppe).



2013 Festival… narration in Russian… wonderful images


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Yeremenko, a master of beadwork and lapidary work with natural stones, said:

All the members of the LNR delegation presented their work. Not only had our group, but also Master of Embroidery Larisa Samoilov and Master Woodcarvers Yuri Tikhy and Viktor Kuznetsov given presentations. I thank the Lugansk Centre of Folk Art for organising the trip; the festivalgoers really appreciated our works.

Litman concluded:

We say thank you… we received lots of positive emotions, but most importantly, we gained belief in a future where our culture could live and prosper.

On 19 September, Khotmyzhsk in Borisov Raion of Belgorod Oblast (Russian Federation) hosted the Tenth Khotmyzhskaya Autumn International Festival of Slavic Culture. The festival is held biennially, to preserve and develop international cultural coöperation and strengthen friendly relations between the Slavic peoples, promote and develop original music, along with encouraging folk song, dance, festive-ritual culture, fine arts, and arts and crafts of the peoples of Russia and the SNG.

22 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



27 September 2015. My Reply to Rightwing Drivel Posted on FB by John Whiteford

00 Zyuganov and HH Kirill. 14.09.14


Castro and Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev


On Facebook, John Whiteford posted utter rot positing that the Church condemns socialism. I’m not kidding. Here’s my reply (which I posted on his timeline):

Here is Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all the Russias with his dear friend, G A Zyuganov, First Secretary of the KPRF. His Holiness has another dear longtime friend… Fidel Castro! HH has always opposed capitalism. He OPPOSES nearly every political stance that John Whiteford stands for. Mr Whiteford has to commemorate His Holiness, as HH IS the head of our Church. You may follow HH or you may follow John Whiteford. Do note that I attach an image to prove my point.

A case in point is the Church’s support for the DNR and LNR, with their creative Orthodox/Socialist synthesis. Mr Whiteford tramples on that with his support for the amoral satanic “Evangelical” popinjay Ted Cruz, who spat on our Arab bishops in Washington. Mr Whiteford supports the Republican Party, with its demonisation of Holy Rus and its support for the godless Uniate/schismo Ukrainian pseudo-state. In short, Mr Whiteford is full of it… don’t argue with sorts like that. They’re impervious. Block them… as I did. Now, he can’t post to my timeline or cause me any grief. Don’t waste your time with such ignoranuses. God has only given us a short spell to do good. Don’t waste it by fighting with the terminally pigheaded. As a friend of mine said of Whiteford:

He demands the last word in everything, even if it’s only “Yes”.

You can’t dialogue with those whose only wish is to impose a juvenile monologue, where they have the final say. Just be aware that Whiteford (and those like him) are NOT spokesmen for the Church (I, certainly, am not such!)… they not only lack the proper blessing from their bishop, most of them (like Whiteford) lack the proper Orthodox clerical formation to be able and competent spokesmen. Have a care… the times are evil, and not all clergy are straight. Keep it focused…


27 September 2015. My Take on a HuffPost Screed Entitled “White Fragility Is Racial Violence”

00 Mosque Maryam. Chicago IL USA. all races all religions. 010715


This post is twaddle from stem to stern. Here’s my take on it, in a FB comment:

THUMBS DOWN. It has NOTHING to do with race… it’s a ploy to split apart the powerless. It’s power versus unpower. “White fragility”… what utter rot. I’ll say that white folks and coloured folks laboured together, fought together, rejoiced together, and cried together. The submission behind this is absolute rubbish. “We have nothing to lose but our chains”… but we won’t if we listen to racialist nonsense from hucksters of whatever stamp. I believe in the human race. There is none other. I find racialist handwringing and tut-tutting of any sort vile, reprehensible, and hypocritical. There are REAL problems out there… but they have nothing to do with race, gender, or sexual orientation. The issue is Power and how it’s wielded… whether to harm the people or hurt the people.

As a leftist, I tend to mistrust identity politics, as the powers-that-be use it as tool of Divide et Impera. We, the powerless, have common needs and goals that go unaddressed if we fall for the bait of identity politics. Our common goal is to create a more just social order. Our common need is a dignified life, with access to the goods and services necessary to secure it. Anything else is froufrou and frivolous mummery. Don’t fall for racialist rhetoric from the “overly tolerant” or from the haters. Reach out to your Fellow Man… to objectify them is a crime and a sin, a satanic imposition. As Ilyich said:

Victory will belong only to those who have faith in the people, to those immersed in the life-giving spring of popular creativity.

Popular creativity lies in ALL of us. Don’t listen to identity politics of whatever hue… we ALL have the ability and indeed the duty to bring our individual creativity into sync with that of those around us. I have faith in ALL the people. NO EXCEPTIONS. When we internalise that, no force on earth could stop us in the end. Remember the Russian Orthodox churches in Northeastern Pennsylvania mining towns where the coloured neighbours of our people helped us to create the iconostases for our altars. They helped us to carve them and turned intricate pieces on their lathes. These people laboured together… they lived together. I’d say that we REGRESSED from that state of affairs. We don’t need self-appointed racial monitors. We didn’t need them then… we don’t need them now.

Stop the bourgeois racialist nonsense. All men are brothers… that’s that… what more do you need?


DNR Minoborony Reported 1 Junta Ceasefire Violation

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Today, the DNR Minoborony reported:

Over the past 24 hours, the fascist aggressors committed one ceasefire violation; the situation in the DNR remains relatively calm. The enemy fired an anti-aircraft gun at the Donetsk Airport. There were no human casualties or property damage reported.

27 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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