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Saturday, 3 October 2015

3 October 2015. Behold My Mother and My Brethren!

00 who is my brother. Yuri Andreyev. Faith Under the Rubble. 2006


Do NOT listen to those konvertsy toddlers who tell you that you must vote Republican because of “Family Values” and “Pro-Life”. They lie. The candidate that comes closest to the Compassion of the Carpenter of Galilee is Bernie Sanders. When you tote up all the pluses and minuses, Sanders wins hands down, with a moral vision of a more fair America that’s simply exciting. The Centre of our Faith is NOT abortion and homosexuality… it’s the Incarnation and Worship. Orthodox are NOT crusaders. If we could live with militant atheists (and survive persecution), we can live with secularists who’ll leave the inner life of the Church alone. Ignore the loudmouth rightwing asshats. Our Lord Christ would’ve voted for Bernie… after all, not all those who holler “Lord, Lord” will win the Kingdom of Heaven… that’s in the Bible, bubbe…



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