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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Construction of a New Church will Begin in Debaltsevo in Spring 2016

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Today, Aleksandr Afendikov, head of the Debaltsevo GMA*, told us that the St Gregory the Theologian Russian Charity Foundation will fund the construction in Debaltsevo of a church dedicated to the Icon of the Most Holy Birthgiver and Mother of God “of Tikhvin”, with work to begin in Spring 2016, saying:

We want to build another church, with a dual dedication to St George the all-Victorious and the Icon of the Most Holy Birthgiver and Mother of God “of Tikhvin”. The proposal originated in the first half of September; our Russian friends are giving us the material to help us build the church, and they promised to help us with the work involved. The building site is in the Eastern micro-raion of the city, we plan construction to begin next spring. The funds came from an appeal by Vladyki Mitrofan Nikitin of Gorlovka and Slavyansk; then, he asked me to help him with acquiring a site for the church. The Donetskproektor State Design Institute is doing the design work on the project.

Patriot forces liberated Debaltsevo from fascist occupation on 18 February 2015. During their retreat, junta militants deliberately sabotaged transport networks, including the largest railway junction in the Donbass. In total, the city lost 80 percent of its buildings. The DNR government made rehabilitating Debaltsevo one of its main goals; work began on repairing infrastructure and housing on 18 April.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

7 October 2015

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