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Monday, 12 October 2015

12 October 2015. Bernie Sanders on Private Prisons

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New DNR Hockey Federation Head Former KhK Donbass Goalkeeper and Member of “Stars of the NHL” Team

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Today, the founding conference of the DNR all-Republic Federation of Hockey and Figure Skating occurred in Donetsk at the Olympic Arena. Chairman of the DNR People’s Soviet D V Pushilin and DNR Minister of Youth, Sport, and Tourism Mikhail Mishin attended the event. The conference approved the regulations, structure, and a list of the main activities of the new sports association. Twelve voting delegates appointed by a joint decision of the Board of Coaches and managers of physical culture and sport institutions unanimously elected Vladimir Nabokov President of the Federation. He was a former goalkeeper for KhK Donbass and Vice-President of the Regional Hockey Federation, now Deputy Director of Youth Sports School 7. Nabokov said:

Thank you for your trust and for your support of my candidacy for the Presidency of the Federation of Hockey and Figure Skating. It’s a great honour, but at the same time, it’s a huge responsibility. I’ll use all my knowledge to guide development of these sports.

Mishin noted:

Our new sports association has a solid foundation and has a great future. We have a large number signed up at the Ice Palace, and we have good coaching capabilities. Our athletes have already travelled to Russia, and Russian teams have come here. In future, I hope that we’d be able to exchange our experiences.

Nabokov has been directly involved in developing sporting relations between the DNR and the Russian Federation. In May 2015, Nabokov has played in the final match of the Night Amateur Hockey League in Sochi. The former Donbass goalkeeper defended the net for the “Stars of the NHL” team, which included President V V Putin, who triumphed over the rival “NHL Team” with a score of 18:6. Another member of the Stars of the NHL was prominent Soviet hockey player, multiple world champion, and champion of the 1984 Winter Olympics, Vladimir Myshkin. He sent video greetings to participants of today’s conference, wishing the new association a long and fruitful activity.

Nabokov went on to say:

We’ve developed relations with Russia in hockey, but I’m responsible for not one, but two sports. We’ll seek to establish the same relationship with our colleagues in figure skating.

Pushilin addressed the assembly:

There are many challenges facing the federation, but I believe that this is important, even though there’s still a lot of work to do. We’re only doing hockey now in Donetsk, but it’d be better if we could have it throughout the Republic, so that our children could choose to take it up. There are many who’d love to take up hockey and figure skating.

The process of creating sports federations in the DNR started in November 2014; now, there are more than twenty in the Republic. Associations exist for a variety of sports… football, boxing, competitive dancing, canoeing, and climbing. The DNR Ministry of Sport plans to establish new federations of for taekwondo, athletics and gymnastics, functional multiathlon, and Sambo.

11 October 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


First Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Surgery Unit to Open at Lugansk LRKB

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Dr Oleg Volman, the head of the Lugansk all-Republic Clinical Hospital (LRKB) told us that the first minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery unit in the LNR would open on 1 November at the LRKB, saying:

We never had anything like this, not even anything analogous. We thank our political leadership, as the LNR Ministry of Health and LNR Health Minister Larisa Airapetyan worked so hard to open this unique clinic. We now have a completely new unit, a single centre offering the most-modern high-tech minimally invasive surgery and endoscopic surgery. We’d be able to do minimally invasive surgery performed through relatively small incisions in the skin, without extensive cutting and massive blood loss. We’ll remove this class of patient completely from general population and concentrate them in one unit. This significantly reduces the risks involved, including infections. This new unit will have proper equipment, with staff with expertise in these techniques and the ability to use the most up-to-date gear. We plan to open the doors on 1 November; on 2 November, we’d admit our first patients and carry out our first operations.

Andrei Mayatsky, Head of the LRKB Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery noted:

We’ll start out with trauma, gynaecological, and general surgery. Over time, we’d add endoscopic surgery, microsurgery, and vascular surgery. Despite the fact that the unit only has ten beds, the intensity and low invasiveness of treatment increases the number of treated patients, as most receive discharge a day or two after surgery. Although we’re only starting with ten beds, we eventually see the need to expand it. When we introduce new categories of surgery, if necessary, we’d add beds. This is high-intensity medicine, people will come, get their operations, and, given the specificity of these surgical interventions, we’d send them home or transfer them to outpatient facilities after one or two days. People won’t have to lie in bed for two weeks after a large abdominal operation. We have a fully provided material and technical base; we have all the equipment that we need. It’s in the pipeline, it isn’t here yet, we have it delivered, it just isn’t onsite yet. We’ve trained everybody on what to do, how to perform the operations, and how to run the equipment. We’ve trained all of our specialists; everybody knows the procedures. When we begin actual operations, we’d send our doctors on to further training, to gain additional skills. Over time, we’d train new interns; we must train and nurture more doctors.

11 October 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


12 October 2015. St Mary’s on Baxter St is Now 100! My Nicky Went to Religious Ed Classes There!

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“St Mary’s on Baxter Street” (officially, Dormition of the Virgin Mary parish, Binghamton NY (OCA)) just turned 100. My Nicky went to religious classes here, under Fr Kuharsky.

На многая лета!



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