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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Plotnitsky Toured New LRKB Unit

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Today, LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky visited the Lugansk all-Republic Clinical Hospital (LRKB), to acquaint himself with the progress of preparations for the launch of the first minimally-invasive/endoscopic surgery clinic in the Republic. Plotnitsky praised the active development of the leading medical centres of the Republic, the introduction of promising innovative treatment techniques and the high quality of the training of their qualified specialists, stating:

The LRKB goes to the cosmic level. Recently, our friends from Moscow confirmed the qualification of our surgeons and conformity of the equipment that we’ve received. Therefore, the Republic can only benefit from this. Now, we can increase the number of operations, and we can offer a higher level of care. That’s great and it’s thanks to the efforts of the Minster of Health, the head physician, and the entire staff. The clinic will soon receive the necessary funding to set up dialysis treatment with artificial kidney apparatus. Today, we took the decision to allocate the money needed by the hospital. In return, we’re getting six people who need dialysis treatment. However, if we compare the money with people’s lives, then, the cost doesn’t matter.

Dr Oleg Volman, the head of the LRKB added:

Today our physician staffing level is at 46 percent, the general medical staff level is at 60 percent, and we have a full complement of nurses. Over the past six months, 48 doctors came back [to work in Republic]. The hospital has highly qualified doctors who can work on this equipment. Of course, we want all our doctors to return and resume their work. After all, today, we’re back to the pre-war level of patients, so, that means that we have a shortage of doctors; therefore, their workload is twice as much as normal. .

LNR Health Minister Larisa Airapetyan shared plans for further development at the LRKB:

On the ground floor at the hospital, we plan to open an emergency casualty ward. We have the equipment on order. Another important point is that we’re going to launch therapy using hemodialysis machines. We’re going to make a distinction between chronic and acute cases. We’d further develop our cardiac surgery. In particular, we’d continue the practise of coronary stenting for the treatment of heart attack patients. We retrained our specialists in Krasnodar recently. At the same time, there are problems constraining development. We’ve had a problem with pacemakers. However, we’ve tackled this, so, within two months, we expect to have imported models on hand. We have to keep up with advances in heart surgery… that would reduce the death rate from heart attacks. Of course, the war saw a slight uptick in these… as a minimum, we want to return to the pre-war figures. We also want to provide in vitro fertilization (IVF) services. Implementation of these plans requires a number of prerequisites. First, we need to learn the procedure of running a medical-genetic laboratory. We’d base it in the perinatal centre, and we’ve taken the first steps in this direction. To head this effort, we’ve transferred our leading gynaecologist Oleg Aliboevicha Valiev. I really want us to have IVF, because I’m an obstetrician myself. We’re going to work on it.

13 October 2015

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