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Saturday, 17 October 2015

17 October 2015. To My Cat… Actually, To All Three of Them

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00 to my cat 171015


We have three of the furbies… two females and a tomcat. Moo and Tulip are our females; Squeaker is our tomcat. Moo is elderly in cat terms, she’s about 13-years-old. Tulip is 10-years-old, whilst Squeaker is about three-years-old (he’s a former feral). Squeaker’s a “black cat” (he has touches of white at his throat and groin)… but he’s not “evil” in the least. It’s interesting… the other two let Moo have first nibs on the food and show other small signs of respect. Animals have a form of sentience (I’m not speaking sentimentally here)… they seem to “know” things. We share our lives with these little friends (or “little brothers”, as we say in Russian)… they have their personalities and quirks, just as we do.

Animals aren’t people, but they’re not ciphers either… let everything that has breath, praise the Lord… will you join the Universal Hymn of Creation? Do you have what it takes to pray with the animals? Do think on that…



17 October 2015. So Shall I Keep Thy Law Continually Forever and Ever

00 psalm 118. Adam Woodworth. Sleepy Hollow Farm Vermont 2015


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