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Monday, 19 October 2015

Through the Looking Glass: Russian “Aggressor” Invited Ukrainian Paralympic Team to Train in the Crimea

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Sometimes when I look at the Ukraine, I get a feeling that my country has slipped through the Looking Glass. Liberators became “colonisers” and child-killers became “heroes”. Convicted felons and diagnosed schizophrenics serve in the police. “Warriors of light” are bombing women and children, whilst “terrorists” rebuild schools. A government that talks of freedom of speech and dignity imprisons journalists for speaking out. A blockade against others only hurts ourselves.

The “aggressor” and “occupier” is doing it all wrong too! Recently, Putin invited the Ukrainian Paralympic team to practise in the Crimea… something is off here… I read our Ukrainian press a lot, and from them I know that you’d almost certainly get in jail or even shot for displaying any sign of Ukrainian-ness in the Crimea. Could this mean that the Ukrainian media is lying to not only to us, but also to the whole world?

However, to be honest, it amazes me how calm and collected Russia and its leadership are acting all this time. They really are acting like a wise brother or even a parent. The Ukraine, like a teenager with raging hormones is running around the house, hitting her head against the walls and hurting herself, and screaming, “I hate you! You ruined my life! If only I was born in a different family, I’d be happy! You’re a monster!” The parent just sits there quietly, looking at his child with sadness in his eyes; then, when the teenager falls asleep, comes to the child’s room, and covers her with an extra blanket, so that she doesn’t get cold at night. The parent knows that teenage hormones will pass, but being relatives is forever.

Friends, Russia could’ve just wiped the Ukraine of the map a long time ago if it had wanted to. Russia could’ve just deported all the millions of Ukrainians who work and live in Russia, causing social collapse in the Ukraine. Russia could’ve really sent troops in and destroyed the Ukrainian Army, just as it’s now doing with ISIS. Russia could’ve just closed its markets to Ukrainian goods, which would collapse our economy (countless Ukrainian business suffer as they’ve lost the small Crimean market… imagine what havoc Russia could wreck on our economy, if they barred our goods from their country completely?)

Nevertheless, the “occupant” isn’t doing anything like it. Instead, the “aggressor” gave the Ukraine discounts on gas, supplied us with electricity, and took in over a million Ukrainian refugees. In the words of the great philosopher Winnie the Pooh, “These are the wrong sorts of bees!” indeed, this is a very weird and wrong sort of “aggressor”… it helps us, instead of hurting us. Honestly, the Ukraine really did slip through the Looking Glass!

17 October 2015

Aleksei Zhuravko (Алексей Журавко)




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