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Sunday, 25 October 2015

25 October 2015. A Blast from the Metropolia Past… Let’s Not Forget What the Uniate Traitors Did to Orthodox People in the Great War… Whadaya Know… They’re STILL Doing It Today!

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The so-called “Ukrainian Catholic” “leadership” has always been a fanatic and diehard opponent of Holy Rus. Look at the above poster… the Uniate leadership sent its own people to the Habsburg concentration camps at Talerhof and Terezín. Our people didn’t forget it, then… many still remember this perfidious stab-in-the-back today. However… we have treacherous quislings like Freddie M-G, Vassa Larina, John Jillions, and Paffhausen who schmoozed (and still schmooze) with the Uniate opponents of the Holy Church. Don’t fall for their unctuous lies and honeyed Facebook posts. The Unia has always been the avowed enemy of the Church and always will be. They’re nothing but the most ultramontane of papists (they accept everything that the Church of Rome hands out and they kiss the Pope’s naked bum at high noon for everyone to see).

They’re also liars… until the late 1940s, they were the “Ruthenian Rite” of the Catholic Church (commonly known as “Greek Catholics”). The term “Ukrainian Catholic” didn’t come into official use until after World War II (some nationalist fanatics used it earlier, and some American/Canadian groups used it in the interwar years)… it took a while for Rome to approve it. Therefore, any mention of “Ukrainian Catholic” before that date is a conscious anachronism, meant to mislead the ignorant. I saw the relevant information in old RC books 40 years ago or so, but it seems to have fallen “down the memory hole”… how convenient…

The Uniates brutalised our people in the Great War… they brutalised them during the VOV… they brutalised them in their post-war terrorist banditry in Galicia in the late 40s… they brutalised them in the Nasty 90s… they brutalise them today in Novorossiya. There’s a pattern here. Don’t put an adder to your breast… keep your contacts with Uniates to a minimum. Most of them are harmless, but the minority that aren’t, well, you don’t want to be around such feral sorts. Leave them be… it’s not worth the trouble to fight them. Just remember… the Uniate leadership blesses the murder of our Orthodox children in Novorossiya and blessed the Uniate nationalist fanatics who torched the Dom Profsoyuzov in Odessa… just as they blessed all the other nationalist enormities in the past. Have a care…



25 October 2015. Translated Russian Demot… They’re CHAMPIONS!

00 russian paralympians. 251015


They’re CHAMPS. Full stop. Not “disabled” champs… not “inspirational” champs… CHAMPS, that’s all! To put it bluntly, most of us can’t do as well, and that’s that. The Russian government SUPPORTS its Paralympians (and Olympians) with real cash… dinero… money, honey. The US Government, due to the thievery and warmongering of the amoral godless Republican greedsters (aided by grasping corrupt “Democratic” semi-Repugs such as the Clintons and Obama), doesn’t give its Paralympians a tenth of what the Russian government gives its sportsmen. That is, a talented poor kid has a better chance of making the Russian team than they’d have in making the US team. Fancy that. How fuckin’ EXCEPTIONAL… I gotta find a corner to be sick in…


25 October 2015. A Thought from St Paisy Eznepidis of the Holy Mountain (+1994)

00 Arthur Trynoski. Autumn Colour in Susquehana PA. st paisy 251015


25 October 2015. Animal Pals…

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