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Friday, 30 October 2015

30 October 2015. As Seen on a Billboard in Lebanon…

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Not many places around the world buy into American propaganda… the more that people around the world reject America’s lies, the more strident that the Anglos get in repeating them. Russia and China (along with their allies) now control the World Island. The Anglosphere continues to control the World Ocean. However, the USA isn’t and never was a hyperpower… it simply lacks the land power to be such. As long as it continues to be the preeminent sea power, it’ll continue to be inferior in land strength. Navies do cost money, and they’re far costlier than armies are. Take all Anglo cheat-beating with a great deal of reservation… after all, they whitewash slavery, the Trail of Tears, Jim Crow, and Hiroshima. Have a care, there be dragons afoot… most of them are home-grown.



30 October 2015. A Point to Ponder from the Spanish Web…

00 Fanaticism 'Murochka'. Night Shift 01. 2015


Although you find this all over the Spanish-language web, it never seems to be “sourced”… however, the sentiment is spot-on correct. DON’T argue with the pigheaded… they ENJOY it, they will NOT change their minds, and all that’ll happen is that they’ll go away happy as a pig in shit, and you’ll accomplish nothing save to frustrate yourself. Allow the mewling righties on the Orthodox internet to howl… the Church survived big-time losers like Florensky and Bulgakov… I have no doubt that it’ll survive Jesse Dominick, Andrew Damick, the Monomuckos toddlers, Josiah Trenham, Rod Dreher, and the rest of the loud nappy-wearing set. Do keep the light on, the key under the mat, and the front-gate unlatched. Prodigals do have a way of returning home sometimes… but on their own… if YOU try to intervene, it’ll only lengthen the process. However, many do come to their senses and come back to the Only Homely Home… but only if you don’t go and rile ’em. We’re the adults… let’s act that way…


30 October 2015. A Cry From the Very Soul of the REAL Ukraine

00 aleksei zhuravko victory day 301015


Dear friends!

It’s hard and painful to listen to what people tell me, but I think it’s necessary to share it. Every call, every letter… they’re cries from the very soul. They tell me what’s happening across the country… the rise in prices, lack of heat, lack of prospects, despondency, and despair… this is what the new government brought our beloved Ukraine! Maidantsy email me and berate me… “It’s not true. It’s all made up”. Give an example of a good that your “dignity” gave our country! Well, give us at least one little example! Well, can you? If no one can give me examples of good and bad, why do you continue to tolerate this lawlessness and mockery of yourselves and our country? Now, why do let the junta destroy and humiliate you? At this stage, all that you do is expostulate at the kitchen table! Friends, other people won’t solve this problem for you! Moreover, with each passing day, the less money remains in the trough, the more the new and old thieving murderers directly plunder the common people!

You, Ukrainian Nazar!

You, Russian Ivan!

You, Crimean Tatar Ramil!

Even you, Enakin from Star Wars!

Friends, the junta doesn’t care if you’re a “Katsap”* or “Kholkhol”* or “Colorado”* or “patriot!” At best, you’re a source of money; at worst, you’re cannon fodder that they can throw into the fire of war, to allow these bloodsuckers to stay in power! Citizens of the Ukraine! CITIZENS! Wake up! Don’t just sit there and suffer this horror! Don’t just sit in silent anger as the cannibals eat us piece-by-piece! Let’s unite… let’s not allow these cannibals, these sharp-toothed ghouls, to drink the blood of Ukrainians ever again!

Our cause is just! Victory will be ours!


Aleksei Zhuravko

  • Katsap: abusive term for a Russian
  • Khokhol: abusive term for a Ukrainian
  • Colorado: denigration of the St George Ribbon, due to its orange and black stripes

29 October 2015

Aleksei Zhuravko (Алексей Журавко)



30 October 2015. Here Stands a CHELOVEK!

00 dnr aleksei zhuravko with d v pushilin 301015

Aleksei Zhuravko with D V Pushilin (right), Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet


Aleksei Zhuravko is a political refugee from Kherson, as well as being an activist for the disabled. In the Ukraine, the fascist junta accuses him of “separatism” and trumped-up a false criminal case against him.

Konstantin Dolgov



Zhuravko is a “Disabled Person of the First Class”… that hasn’t stopped him from standing tall for the patriot cause against the Uniate nationalist filth. Normally, he poses his photos to minimise his disability. For this one, he chose to show his disability in its fullness. I think that he’s shaming the illegitimate putschist junta… they’re so low, that they even attack those seen as “helpless”. Reflect on the fact that the Republican Party and Interventionist Democrats such as Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden both installed and support the illicit Uniate nationalist junta (that means that these American political blocs spit on Holy Rus and on our Holy Church… no decent person can support them… what does that tell you about Paffhausen, Potapov, Larina, Jillions, Reardon, Webster, Dreher, Whiteford, and Dahulich?). They applaud its murders of our Orthodox Russian children in Novorossiya (is that any different from the American murder of innocents via drone attack?)… is that what American Exceptionalism means? I’m not the only person asking that question…

I shall confide to you… Aleksei is neither “helpless” nor “crippled” in any way, save physical… we need more people like him in our world…


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