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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Basurin sez Despite Continuing Attacks, Life in the Donbass is Settling into a Peaceful Routine

00 E A Basurin 01. 04.06.15


On 30 October, Colonel E А Basurin, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence stated that despite continuing attacks and an often-shifting situation, life in the Donbass is settling down to a peaceful routine, saying:

For instance, today, a new law, “On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development”, entered into force. Besides that, the DNR Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food developed several programmes to develop our agriculture involving both crops and livestock. In the near future, our agricultural enterprises will be able to supply all the needs of our people. This year, the harvest met all norms set by the DNR. We now export cornmeal, barley, and sunflower products to the Russian Federation. Due to the stabilised situation in the Republic, almost all farms were able to make a profit in the current year. In addition, we continue to develop our heavy industry. For example, the Yasinovataya machine-building works resuming shipping goods to the Russian market. Now, the plant has an order from an enterprise in the Urals for KSP-35 coalmining apparatus. Our situation in re pharmaceuticals has stabilised. In March and April this year, the situation with drug supplies to our pharmacies was catastrophic. Today, we have about 70 percent of the pharmaceuticals that we need. The higher the level of supplies, the lower the prices of the goods are. I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that no matter how hard it is, we’re developing a peaceful routine life in a free Donbass, a situation that can only flourish.

30 October 2015

DNR Online

DNR official website



1 November 2015. Russia Remembers…

00 belarus memory VOV 011115


Each 22 June, a Belarusian woman bakes memorial loaves in honour of her seven brothers, all of whom died in the Great Patriotic War.

30 October 2015

Russian Federation



What need I add to this?


1 November 2015. Now for Something ENTIRELY Different… A Fairy-Tale House in Russia

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In this crazy world, it’s good to know that there are still quirky and eccentric corners of existence. Not everything is serious or earthshattering… some things are just THERE…


1 November 2015. Reject Nihilist Conservatism… It’s the Ideology of Hell on Earth

00 stop the wars! 011115


American “conservatism” in all of its forms is evil to the bone and no decent person should have anything to do with it. “Conservatives” are either dupes or conscious enablers of evil. Whiteford is a classic dupe… he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so, it’s not very Christian to beat up on him. He’s just not very bright. That’s also true of the Monomuckos toddlers and of minor irritants such as Dominick and Damick. They’re just regurgitators of predigested pabulum. However… Dreher, Potapov, Paffhausen, Reardon, Webster, Mattingly, and those like them DO know what they’re doing. They’re conscious enablers of an evil order that stands against everything that the Church stands for. They consciously work for a feral and demonic order of unregulated crapitalism, toadyism to the rich (Potapov is particularly vile in his obsequiousness to the wealthy), no government programmes to aid those in need, perpetual warfare, a prison-house state, worship of money, and promiscuous use of the death penalty.

Oppose all those who use “religion” as a figleaf to cover evil. Remember, not all the godless are atheists… the worst demonspawn are “religious” and bleat loudly about their “faith”. You forget that at your peril.


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