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Saturday, 7 November 2015

7 November 2015. What is Patriotism?

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7 November 2015. The More Things Change Department… “I’m For Sale, Cheap!”

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I’m For Sale, Cheap!

O Kokhan



Nothing has changed. The Uniate/schismo nationalist nutters were creatures and hirelings of the Anglo Americans then… they remain such today. What more need I say, save to add that evil still remains evil?


7 November 2015. Science and Theology… A Harmonious Duet… Not a Tusslin’ Twosome

Sergei Yolkin. To Science Day! 2010


I made this comment on FB:

My commitment to the findings of natural science doesn’t harm my faith at all. Evolution was simply the means of Creation… not the Source! Once one clears that (nonexistent) hurdle, it’s easy-peasy… theology and science are but two snapshots of the same situation… taken with different cameras. In like manner, you consult a doctor about medical matters or a lawyer on legal matters, never an elder! Conversely, don’t ask your doctor or lawyer about your soul’s health… that’s the elder’s job. Why are people making such a fuss about this? Here’s another analogy… science is the music… God is the composer. That’s an old chestnut, really… why have we forgotten it? However, there are those amongst us who buy into sectarian rot… they don’t know what Professor Andreyev said or what Vladyki Averky taught or what Fr Vladimir lived… but they insist that we enshrine heterodox fancy as fact. Our Faith is afraid of NOTHING… why don’t we act likewise?

I find that I need add nothing to the above. Any addition would be superfluous; it’d muddy my intent and meaning…


7 November 2015. Gettin’ It All Back Together… Getting Out of the Thicket

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I had a hard patch at work recently. I won’t go into details, but I will say this… one has to have the courage to “speak the truth to power” without regard to the consequence. If you don’t… don’t complain if they screw you to the wall. Any road, I spoke up regardless. By the way… always do it in writing… you need to have a record of it all. NEVER just sit there and “take it”. It’ll take me a few days to get back into proper order, but I’m back and as feisty as ever!

Keep it together…


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