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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mortal Kombat’s Shang Tsung Goes Orthodox in Russia

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Russia captured the soul of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, best known for the part of evil sorcerer Shang Tsung in the Mortal Kombat movies… he decided to undergo Orthodox Baptism. Interfax reported that Tagawa, an American actor of Japanese descent, took part in a new Russian film called Иерей-сан (Ierei-san: Priest-san); afterwards, he decided to change his faith and become a follower of Orthodox Christianity. One of his colleagues, Ivan Okhlobystin, an actor and prominent Russian religious figure, spread the news via Facebook. He posted a photo of Tagawa wearing a priest’s cross, probably snapped during filming not far from Moscow, writing, “I’m happy to say that… after deep and thorough consideration Cary Tagawa, who played the part of the Japanese Orthodox priest in our new film Priest-san, will take the Sacrament of Holy Baptism”. Tagawa said in an interview to Kinopoisk.ru in 2013 when shooting in Russia finished, “You can’t just grasp the essence of the Russian Orthodox… When I first came to Russia, I had very little time to get into the character. So, I visited a number of Russian cathedrals in Yaroslavl and Rostov. Simply being inside had a very powerful effect on me”. Okhlobystin wrote in Facebook that Tagawa received the baptismal name of Panteleimon. Tagawa said, most likely alluding to American boxer Roy Jones Jr and French actor Gerard Depardieu, “I’m not following any trend. I follow my heart. There are no easy decisions in either America or anywhere else in the world. This’ll be a new challenge for me”. The film, soon to hit screens in Russia, tells the story of a Japanese priest who leaves Japan due to Yakuza wars and heads for a small Russian town to help its locals fight rampant corruption. The movie is the latest project from the “Orthodox” production studio. Tagawa also expressed his intention to become a Russian citizen at a press conference.

12 November 2015




12 November 2015. Defenders of the Fatherland Concert from the State Kremlin Palace 2015

00 Glory to the Defenders of the Russian Land. 25.09.14



The first five minutes or so of this vid are a speech by V V Putin… then, a fanfare announces the concert proper.


12 November 2015. Golden Hands From the Rodina… Needlework of the Highest Order

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Here is what Russia’s all about. Need I say more? The work of skilled hands… our ancestral motherland is more than just missiles and goose-stepping guardsmen (but the respect for good work and perseverance that baba instills does make the missiles fly true and the guardsmen resolute in combat… never forget that)…


12 November 2015. Al Green, the King of the Orthodox Internet Trolls, Is Dead

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Al Green, the King of the Orthodox Internet Trolls, is dead. One is NEVER happy over anyone’s passing, however, he hurt many people, many far worse than he hurt me. He NEVER expressed a single word of regret. So be it. I forgave him long ago, but the consequence of his actions lingered. Of course, I didn’t dwell on them, but I never found him congenial or even decent. If you choose to call him a “friend”, so be it… I can’t… no way, no how. I’m simply being honest about it.

I regret his passing, for every death is a tragedy… but I feel no grief nor do I find it a loss. At most, I refuse to find joy in it (for that would be demonic in the most evil manner). He played fast n’ loose with my personal business and posted it all over the internet. He did likewise to many others. Let God see and judge.

We are Christians… pray for his soul’s repose… that’s our duty…


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