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Sunday, 15 November 2015

15 November 2015. ALL “Conservative” Definitions of “Freedom” SUCK… It’s “Freedom” for the Moneyed and Slavery for YOU

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One of the shibboleths tossed about by neoliberal “conservative” pundits such as Rod Dreher is “economic freedom”… that is, the moneyed have the “freedom” to shaft you every which way but loose, with no government intervention, with soulless “conservatives” such as Hannity, Dreher, and Coulter urging them on. It’s the argument that the Anglos used to justify slavery and to legitimate the genocide of the Native peoples of the Americas.


That’s what all the honeyed words of the “conservatives” mean. As a priest of my acquaintance put it:

Capitalism: I have mine, so screw you, and get your own.

People like Paffhausen, Webster, Dreher, Freddie M-G, Mattingly, and others push this soulless demonic programme … they have the chutzpah to label it “Christian”. I kid you not. Their real gods are the Almighty Dollar and Exceptional America… do note that none of them speaks up for the oppressed and victimised… none of them do so. They excuse all sorts of clerical corruption, nastiness, and abuse… because “we have to listen to the priests” (Freddie M-G said so). Allied to this is their perverted sense of “religious freedom”. Look at the following image, which captures it brilliantly:


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“Religious freedom” doesn’t mean the right to believe as one wills, nor is it even the right of a particular church body to have a say over what happens on their property. All decent people say “amen” to that. Rather, it’s the “right” to ram one’s religious beliefs down another’s throat. That is, we’re NOT talking about a church not wanting gay weddings on their property or the right of a person to believe such wrong. We’re talking about a pharmacist refusing to dispense a legal drug or an employer to refuse to cover contraception because “it offends their religious beliefs”. I’d fight for any person to hold what they will, even if I find it distasteful or wrong… I’d fight for any church to have the right not to sponsor or allow events that they find wrong. However, a secular business is NOT a person or a church… it’s a legal entity chartered to do business with the public. By definition, it doesn’t and can’t have religious beliefs or rights.

The Church does NOT take the maximalist view. St Nektary of Optina blessed G K Zhukov (a believer) to serve in the Red Army, to serve his country. We are NOT crusaders. The Church witnesses, worships, and prays… it doesn’t protest or fight. We do NOT share the attitude of Catholics and “Evangelicals”… rather, Orthodox bend with the wind… yes, that’s what we do… it’s how the Church survived many a REAL crisis. Mensurius handed over heretical scriptures when the pagan magistrate demanded the holy books… he didn’t protest or engage in empty false martyrdom. Indeed, Bishop Mensurius issued a ukase forbidding Christians to pray for those who “ran to martyrdom”. It was one thing to accept persecution… it was quite another to tempt it.

It’s not as “simple” as the “conservatives” make it out to be. Just know that they push an agenda 180 degrees removed from that of the Church. The Church teaches that the state is necessary and that it must exist to curb the evils and wilful sinfulness of fallen mankind. The “conservatives” preach a nihilistic and demonic “freedom” that extolls mankind’s perfectibility, so much so that man doesn’t need government!

If you want to follow the Church, you must reject American “conservatism” and all of its works… God wills it…



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