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Sunday, 15 November 2015

R A Kadyrov on the Paris Terakt… A REAL Muslim Speaks

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A monstrous event took place in France; a terakt* targeted Paris, killing about 150 people, with many more wounded. A special ops action freed the hostages, eliminated the terrorists, and arrested one of them. This tragedy shocked the world. President V V Putin strongly condemned the terakt, expressed his condolences, and offered assistance to the French leadership. Now, no one doubts that the events in Paris came from a satanic entity. This entity comprises a Terrorist Internationale, which threatens the whole world and all mankind. ISIS has tens of thousands of militants from all countries. We must destroy this evil at the root. Otherwise, hordes of terrorists will flood all countries and cities on earth like a noxious lava flow. President Putin clearly realised what a threat that ISIS poses to humanity; he launched a resolute fight against the international terrorist gangs. We’re sincerely grateful for his action, as we lived through the horrors of terrorist attacks for years. We once again call upon the leaders of Arab and Muslim countries to unite their efforts against the satanic ISIS entity. There’s no other way out of this situation. I’ve devoted my life to the fight against terrorism; I’d like to tell everyone that there are no “good” or “bad” terrorists. All of them have the goal of destroying humanity! If we don’t defeat terrorism with a united front, the whole world will plunge into chaos, and there won’t be an end to such bloody events!

Let justice prevail!

President Ramzan KadyrovR A Kadyrov

Head of the Chechen Republic (Russian Federation)

14 November 2015



  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”

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