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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

17 November 2015. The West Is Silent Over Donetsk… It Blubbers Over Paris… WHY??

00 russia destroyed church in novorossiya 161115


The West blusters after the terakt in Paris. However, many times more people died at the hands of Uniate nationalist terrorists in Novorossiya and the Ukraine, yet, the loquacious Westerns are as mute as fish about it. Indeed… Gaza… Palestine… Syria… Iraq… Yemen… Libya… Serbia… Afghanistan… Kenya… Nigeria… Mexico… the silence is overwhelming. That’s why I don’t believe a bit of the heated rhetoric coming out of Western government circles. Violence in non-Western venues is OK… they’re just sand niggers and wogs… they’re just those undeveloped and subhuman Russians… they’re just those brutal Serb barbarians (eek! They refused to bow the knee to the Pope of Rome… how ungrateful of them!)… they’re just black jackanapes with bones in their noses.

The West refuses to repent for its murders and for its siccing of terrorists on the world. God is just… He visited them with their own means… and they didn’t like it one bit! If we don’t want terrorism on our shores, we must refuse to use it against others. Such isn’t the case now. Do have a care… the times are evil, and some of the worst sorts out there call themselves “Christian”… that’s a fact…



17 November 2015. Je Suis Donbass… Where is the Western Outrage Over the Murders of Innocents in Novorossiya by Uniate Nationalist Terrorists? WHERE?

00 Je Suis Donbass 161115


In the midst of the caterwauling over the Paris terakt, I ask, “Where is the Western outrage over the murder of innocents in Novorossiya by Uniate nationalist terrorists? Where is the outrage over the murder of innocents in Palestine by Zionist marauders? Where is their outrage over the deaths in Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, Afghanistan, Syria, the Lebanon, and Iraq? Yes, where is it?” To think that some CIA filth are trying to link Eddie Snowden to the Paris terakt… that should wake people up. Was this a “false flag” provocation? Langley doesn’t give a damn for morality or decency… neither does Chilly Hilly… neither does McCain and Rubio… neither does any other member of the Western apparat.

They ignored the Dom Profsoyuzov… they ignore Boko Haram… they ignore the drone murders in South Asia… but they want us to blubber over the Paris terakt and give up our rights so that the CIA filth can “protect” us! You can see why I despise Vassa Larina, Victor Potapov, Freddie M-G, and John Jillions… they all either excuse Langley or they suck up to the Uniate enemies of Christ’s Church. I don’t hate them, but I do hate everything that they truly stand for. No one who defends the CIA or hobnobs with the Unia is a True Partisan of Christ’s Church. I’m not alone in feeling that way…


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