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Saturday, 21 November 2015

21 November 2015. Russian Demot… The Russian “Polite People” Go to the Middle East…

00 weeks of russian politeness in syria 211115


The Russian forces are stomping on the terrorist bands in the Middle East. They’re kicking ass on ALL of ’em. They’re killing ’em all and letting God sort them out. An apocryphal story is making the rounds, with Putin supposedly saying, “God will forgive the terrorists…  my job is to send them to Him”. That’s not so, but do recall that VVP did say that he’d “whack ’em in the shithouse”. That’s what happening. That pisses off the Yanks to no end. You see, the CIA used terrorists from its inception… one of its first forays into bandit terrorism was the UPA in Galicia and the so-called “Forest Brotherhood” in the Baltic States (sad to say, Jordanville played an ignoble role in that… it claimed that it had links to a fictive non-existent “catacomb church”), so, its use of terrorists in Syria is no surprise. Do note that the “conservative” filth applaud such use of terror… therefore, don’t believe their condemnations of “terrorists”… such is just a ruse to cover their moves to restrict people’s freedom. That’s why all those who call themselves “conservative” in the USA are evil and beyond the pale… if anyone calls themselves “conservative”, they are either active proponents of oligarchic tyranny or they’re ignorant dupes. Do have a care with loud and ignoranus rightwing pigs like Dreher and Buchanan… they’re nothing but nihilists who excuse the use of terror if it builds up the Corporate Oligarch Kleptocracy (after all, they’re willing minions of it and have above-average incomes due to their Heepish sycophancy). Have a care, the times are evil…



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