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Saturday, 21 November 2015

21 November 2015. Where is the Outrage Over the Terrorism in Africa? Don’t They Count?


The above is my response to all the hype over the Paris terakt. I mourn the dead… I pray for their families… I hate the rightwing exploitation of the terakt and its all-too-real pain. Those who cynically use the terakt to advance their political agendas are WORSE than the terrorists are. Do ponder that, if you will. That is, the American Republicans and their foreign allies are WORSE than any Taliban or al-Qaeda or ISIS. Keep it focused, the times are evil, and not all is what it appears to be.


Read this. This isn’t an isolated incident… Chad… Cameroon… Mali… Kenya… Nigeria… but there are no protests in the West… there are no vows to eradicate the terrorists. It appears that the lives of the white affluent in the West count more than the lives of black people in Africa do. The Westerns also don’t care about South Asians murdered in terrorist drone strikes nor they mourn the dead in Beirut bombings nor do they stand up for brutalised Palestinians nor do they care about Russian Orthodox people in Novorossiya killed in Uniate nationalist terrorist bombardments. Ergo, I find all the hype about Paris two-faced and hypocritical. Either all terrorism is evil… or none of it is. Note well that “conservatives” tolerate terrorism… therefore, take all their condemnations of it with considerable skepticism. Gnarly world, isn’t it… do pass the jug…



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