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Sunday, 22 November 2015

22 November 2015. The War Continues in Novorossiya… It Still Takes Lives…

00 russia essence of time soldier 221115


The war continues in Novorossiya and it still takes its toll. This is “Owl”, a fighter in the Essence of Time unit in the DNR forces. He fell in combat, shot by a Ukrop sniper. That is how Galician Uniate nationalists observe “truces”. They were murderous in the VOV and in the immediate postwar years… they’re murderous now. They’re servile minions of the West… either of the Nazis or the Anglo Americans… that’s what they do. Keep the people and forces of the DNR and LNR in your prayers… they’re fighting to preserve Orthodox socialism against Uniate nationalist crapitalist scum. The Peoples Republics have expanded social services… the Uniates cut them… that should tell you about who’s in the right here.

Вечная память, Owl… how many more must die before it all ends and the Galician Uniate nationalist nightmare dissipates? Yes, how many?



22 November 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Beware Sects and Sectarians!

00 beware of sects and sectarians 221115


Beware all those in so-called “Evangelical” sects… they are NOT Christians, only members of quasi-Christian sects that use Christian verbiage and bowdlerised versions of Holy Scripture. If you walk into their conventicles, the lack of holiness and sanctity overwhelms you. There are no holy things… no icons… no smell of incense… no altar… just seats and a podium. That isn’t a church, that’s a cinema. Trust me, there’s no way that one can worship truly in such a blasphemous setting. There are NO points of resemblance whatsoever between Christians (Orthodox, Catholics, Reformation Prods (both high and low)) and “Evangelicals” (including Pentecostalists, Mormons, and JWs). All those trying to bring in “Evangelical” practices and opinions into Orthodoxy (including tithing) are guilty of “returning to their vomit like dogs”, as Scripture tells us.

Do NOT hate. Simply keep your contacts with “Evangelicals” to a minimum and don’t argue with them. You can never win any argument with a fanatic. Only some 15 percent of Orthodox come from general Prod or “Evangelical” backgrounds according to Pew… albeit, their loud bleats on the internet inflate their seeming numbers and influence. Most Orthodox still come from “traditional” backgrounds and we shouldn’t allow this loud and narcissistic minority to distort and pervert our Faith in an “Evangelical” direction. You’ve read them… you’ve met them. Reflect on this… many of the former “Evangelicals” in our priesthood are “shake n’ bakes” without proper seminary formation. Yet, they prance all over the Net, pushing their fancies as Holy Writ.

DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM OR LINK TO THEIR SITES. Let them be. Pray for them. If needs must, oppose them. However, NEVER argue with them. They’re pigheaded rightwing fanatics, which means that they enjoy disputation. Have a care, the times are evil; alien nastiness has crept into the Church. Many of the former “Evangelicals” have capitulated to the zeitgeist… they’ve never really abandoned their heretical notions. Treat them like the Born Agains that they are. If we pray for them, some of them may find their way to the Last Homely Home… if we argue with them, they’ll remain in the Outer Darkness…


22 November 2015. They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… Syrian Edition. No One is Forgotten… Nothing is Forgotten

00 syria american volunteer dead 221115


Michael Kouba was a young Syrian-American Christian, born and raised in the USA, but he came back to Syria after the war began to defend his ancestral motherland. Today, this morning, Michael became a martyr.

Eternal Memory Michael … Blessed Repose to a Hero

His young blood is on Obama’s hands, as well as on those of every filthy politician demanding that the USA invade Syria. Grant rest to Michael, a Syrian-American hero. All patriotic Americans and true Christians are proud of your sacrifice.

Grant unto him eternal rest and repose.

19 November 2015

This is Christian Syria 2


THIS is the Reality of Life in Syria Under Bashar al-Assad

00 syria priest and imam 221115


This is a picture taken in Damascus, the Syrian capital. Here are two Syrian clergymen… one is a Christian priest; the other is a Muslim imam. Bashar al-Assad has always worked for the peaceful coexistence of all faiths in this ancient and sacred land. This photo confirms the success of his policy.

Syria Will Survive and Win!



Don’t listen to Barack Obama or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Chilly Hilly. They all lie… as do all neoliberals, both “conservatives” and “liberals”. The USA arms and trains terrorists. How low the mighty have fallen…


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