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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

25 November 2015. A Russian POV… What the World Thinks of American Lies on the Su-24 Shootdown

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No one is listening to American lies about the Su-24 shootdown in Syria… no one except brainless American “conservatives” who listen to Corporate Oligarch crackbrained Pied Pipers such as Sean Hannity or Rod Dreher. The story is a lie… the “reason” is specious… and Vova isn’t buying it. Orthodox people, beware all “conservatives”. They’re either deluded simpletons such as John Whiteford or Andrew Stephen Damick, or they’re conscious liars such as Rod Dreher, Mattingly, Potapov, Reardon, and Paffhausen.

“Conservatives” are playing with fire and giggling manically. If you listen to them, you partake of their evil… it’s quite that simple…


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