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Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. Bernie on the Colorado Springs Terakt

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Senator Sanders made a salient point here. Those making overblown and grandiose false claims about Planned Parenthood were the real culprits of the tragedy. The “conservative” punditocracy has much to answer for in this. Their reckless rhetoric found resonance amongst the unbalanced. No… most “pro-lifers” are innocent… however, most “conservative” pundits are not. They stoked the fire… they didn’t give a good goddamn about the consequences… they belong in the dock with Mr Dear. Note well that the usual cast of suspects will scamper off scot-free. Is that what YOU want?

Do mark down who made overheated claims about PP in the conservative media… then, vote AGAINST all candidates that they favour. THAT is the proper response to all of this…


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