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Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. Metropolitan Joseph… You Need to Talk to Your Convert Priests on Proper Public Posting on the Internet

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An archpriest sent me this… something that he saw on the internet on Facebook, posted by an AOCANA konvertsy priest:

Being made ​​fun of by Herman Hyperdox is indeed cool, but being a perennial source of ranting by certain quarters of the Actually Hyperdox may well propel me into canonisation. I’m hoping that someone will soon start a blog wholly dedicated to hating me. I’m A little envious of Rod Dreher in that regard.

My source asked me not to name the offender, so, I won’t. However, I do daresay that Metropolitan Joseph has to talk to convert priests under 40-years-old on proper internet posting in public. My interlocutor made it clear that the snippet quoted above would have (barely) passed muster if posted on a private clergy forum or as a FB Personal Message. I quite agree. As another archpriest told me, years ago:

As a laywoman, you can speak your mind. I’m a priest, so, I have to be diplomatic.

Priests have a standard that they have to live by… that’s the way it is. Priests don’t have the same latitude and freedom as laypeople have, for good reason. If a priest posts something in public, it involves the whole Church, for a priest is, after all, an official spokesman of the Church. There’s far too much loose talk on the internet by konvertsy clergy… they say all manner of foolish and ignorant rubbish, none of which reflects the real position of the Church. Again… laypeople can say and write things that priests cannot… indeed, the bar is even higher for monastics (Igumen Tryphon is a good exemplar… I don’t always agree with him, but he follows the unwritten code to the letter), and higher still for bishops.

My advice to you is the same that I always give… don’t look for answers on the internet… go to the Liturgy… that’s the only place that you can encounter God (in the normal course of events). Sadly, we have priests who aren’t being the exemplars that they should be…


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