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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Ukrainian Coal Reserves are Less than 50 Percent of the Normal Amount

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Because of uncertainties in my work life, I haven’t posted as much on the Peoples Republics as in the past. I intend to resume such, trying to do a story a day on these brave Orthodox socialist states facing down the rightwing Uniate klepto-junta in Kiev. There’s a stark dichotomy here… communal and God-pleasing Orthodox socialism on the one side… selfish and demonic Uniate crapitalist imposture on the other. There is NO doubt about where Orthodox people should stand…

Life IS returning to normal in the Peoples Republics; life is falling into the abyss in junta-misruled Banderstan. Let God see and judge…



Eduard Polyakov, Head of the Department of Industrial Development Strategy for the Head of the DNR Government, told us:

The statements of the Ukrainian authorities that they have enough coal stocks in their warehouses are nothing more than PR ploys. According to our information, now, Ukrainian warehouses hold a little more than 2 million tonnes of coal reserves. Typically, at this time of the year, the normal amount of coal in storage is 4.5 million tonnes. Because of this, the Ukrainians will have to slash electrical and heat output. The price of electricity in the Ukraine is more than 30 percent higher than it is in the DNR, even though Kiev has some of the cheapest costs in the world for nuclear power generation, and hydropower makes up about 10 to 15 percent of their power grid. Yet, their energy rates are higher than ours are. According to our sources, at first, the embargo on supplying coal to the Ukraine will last for two weeks. This is a reaction to Kiev’s decision to postpone payments for coal deliveries. The embargo began this week; our source didn’t give an exact date.

In addition, DNR Head of Government A V Zakharchenko put another condition to resume coal shipments to the junta… it must restore Crimea’s power supply. A few hours later, Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Vladimir Demchishin told reporters that the Ukraine needed to repair at least one of the power lines to the Crimea to end the coal embargo.

28 November 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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